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Notre Dame


School Name: Notre Dame
School Location: Notre Dame, IN
School Type: Catholic Research University
Category: Reach

Notre Dame Admissions Rates Fall 2020

Applications: 21,253
Admitted: 19%

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General Info


Test Optional for 2021-2022
Admission Cycle

Fall 2020 Test Scores
Math: 710-790
ERW: 690-760
ACT: 32-35


ED / Restrictive EA: November 1
Early Results: Mid-December
Regular Deadline: January 1
Regular Results: Late March

School Information

Schedule: Semester
Curriculum Type: Core Curriculum
Greek Life: No
Athletics: DI Atlantic Coast Conference

Notre Dame Application Requirements, Admissions Tips, and University Guide:

How do I get into Notre Dame?

Admissions counselors at Notre Dame are looking for kind, thoughtful, generous, and faithful students. While community service is not required, 80% of students engage in service or service learning at least once while on campus. In addition to good grades and a strong work ethic, Notre Dame wants to admit students who will be someone’s future best friend and really give to those around them on campus.

Here’s your cheat sheet checklist for your Notre Dame Application:

  1. Submit your application through the Common App or Coalition App
  2. Two essays each under 200 words for the Writing Supplement, submitted through the Common or Coalition Applications
  3. Official High School Transcript
  4. A letter of evaluation from a high school teacher in a core academic subject area who knows you well
  5. Counselor evaluation (recommended, not required)
  6. SAT or ACT assessment scores- Notre Dame is test optional for the 2022 and 2023 application cycles, but a high SAT or ACT score may bolster your application

Is Notre Dame A Jesuit School? Do I have to be Catholic to Attend?

Yes, Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic School with a huge emphasis on values of faith, religion, and spirituality. Religion is also physically and academically interwoven into the college experience; you will see chapels in academic buildings and 2 theology and philosophy classes are part of graduation requirements. However, you are not required to be Catholic to gain admission.

Where is Notre Dame?

Notre Dame is a private Catholic research university in Notre Dame, Indiana. Notre Dame is just outside of South Bend, within driving distance to Indianapolis, and about 90 miles east of Chicago. Although many consider Notre Dame to be in a bit of a remote location, there is very easy transportation from campus to South Bend. Students frequently head into town for performances at the Civic Learning Center or out to the Rapids to enjoy white water rafting.

While some students may hesitate to go to a school that is not located close to a major city or distinct professional opportunities, it’s important to know that Notre Dame’s website notes that “500 employers visit campus every year to recruit our students, conducting more than 7,000 interviews.” Additionally, alumni are located all around the world, so you’ll feel very connected to the Notre Dame alumni network no matter where you find yourself living or job searching post graduation.

What Standardized Testing is required for Notre Dame?

Notre Dame accepts the SAT or ACT. For the 2021-2022 application cycle, Notre Dame is test optional. It is important to note that Notre Dame will not be penalizing students who cannot take standardized tests due to Covid-19 changes or test cancellations.

What academic majors are offered?

You can study pretty much anything and everything at Notre Dame! The University offers 75 degree programs across its Arts and Letters, Business, Science, Engineering, Architecture, and (most recently) Global Affairs schools. Notre Dame is particularly known for Finance, Business, Marketing, and pre-med programs. Students can also double major or complete associated concentrations, supplementary majors, and minors offered within each specific department.

Notre Dame students are set up for success. 98% are placed in careers, graduate schools, or service opportunities with six months of graduating and 95% graduate on time. Support as a graduate is also abundant for the Fighting Irish Alum, 90% are accepted into law school and roughly 80% pre-med majors get into med school.

Should I apply Restrictive Early Action or Regular Decision?

You should apply to Notre Dame whenever your application is at the highest quality and at the time that makes the most sense for you. If you apply Restrictive Early Action by November 1, you can not apply Early Decision elsewhere. It is not a requirement to attend Notre Dame if admitted Restrictive Early Action. You also have the option to apply Regular Decision by January 1. Make sure you spend as much time as needed to edit and polish your application so that it is at the highest quality possible before you hit submit.
How Difficult is it to get in to Notre Dame?

Notre Dame admitted 3,446 of the 23,642 students who applied to the class of 2025, yielding a 14.6% acceptance rate. Additionally, Notre Dame is need blind, meaning only academics and non academic experiences are factored into decision making (not financial circumstances).

How expensive is Notre Dame?

The total cost of attendance for the 2021-2022 academic year is $78,347. This is obviously a high sticker price, however, ND offers incredible financial aid— and is committed to meeting 100% of every student’s demonstrated financial need. The median need-based scholarship for first year students who demonstrated financial need in Fall of 2021 was $50,000.

What are the students like?

Kind. Generous. Smart. Fun. Students at Notre Dame tend to be friendly, passionate about their school, but not elitist or in your face about it. The culture at ND is more collaborative than competitive while students still want to learn at a high level alongside their classmates and peers.

Notre Dame is known for the wonderful spirit on campus. “Students at Notre Dame love their school and definitely seem to ‘drink the kool-aid,’ but boy does the kool-aid taste good!” – ND alum

What’s it like to be on campus?

Freshman year, students are randomly assigned to one of 32 single-sex dorms, which have their own mascot and identity. Your floormates will likely become your best friends as there is no greek life on campus. Students tend to stay in their dorm Freshman and Sophomore year. Some students move off campus for their Junior and/or Senior years, but still associate themselves with their Freshman year dorm and participate in their dorm’s activities. Students can choose to live on campus all 4 years.

Another incredible aspect of undergraduate life at Notre Dame are the student clubs and organizations. There are over 400! Many students played sports in high school, so there are a lot of club and intramural sports for those not who do not play on a D1 varsity team.

Notre Dame is also a very social campus with fun traditions such attending football games and tailgating.

What other unique opportunities are offered at ND?