Complete your application in 5 days with expert guidance at our College Application Booster​® Camp

Complete your application in 5 days with expert guidance at our College Application Booster​® Camp

In just 5 days, students will tackle the college application process months before their peers, allowing them to complete quality, standout work through the guidance of our expert mentors.

Our Application Booster® Camp sells out every year!

Who is this program for, and when
does it take place?

Our College Application Booster® is a virtual or in-person camp for rising seniors in the class of 2023, and takes place every year in August.

Why is this the best way to complete your college application?

Complete the Common Application before senior year begins! This unprecedented year has only complicated the application process. Over the course of five days, students work alongside our counselors to devise an application strategy that is formulated to help them stand out in an ever-increasing sea of applicants.

Would you recommend this College Application Booster​® Camp to a friend?

“No! Because I don’t want any of my peers to have the same advantage. It was too good.”*

– Max C. past College Application Booster​® Camp student
*Feedback from a past student on our questionnaire.

Boost your chances of college success.

✔️ Specialized college support.

Our world-class mentors are graduates of Ivy League and top-tier universities, so they understand each application’s school-specific intricacies. Through intensive, one-on-one sessions, our mentors ensure students understand how to navigate these complexities.

✔️ Create applications that stand out.

Admissions officers only have a few minutes to evaluate each application, so students need to capture their attention from the outset. We help students learn what makes compelling essays as unique as the student writing them.

“I loved how the consultants tried their best to help us dig in and find what makes us, us! And how to make what we might think of as boring into something interesting. I think that they not only help us improve our application but our own perspective, mindset, and writing skills.”

– Julia C. past College Application Booster​® Camp student

How does the camp work?

Our 5-day camp runs digitally, or in-person from 10 am to 5 pm daily.

Before the camp

Students are assigned mentors based on their unique interests and experiences and set up a pre-camp call to establish a list of target schools prior to starting. Mentors will also work with students on a roadmap for camp success to keep them motivated and on track during this fast-paced and productive week.

Daily Routine

Students begin at 10 am and have 3 scheduled, private 1:1 meetings with mentors throughout each day. During these sessions, mentors and students will review their progress, work on brainstorming and essay drafting, and discuss each component of the Common Application. Together, they will work on:

  • Activities list and achievements development
  • Compelling personal statements
  • Adaptable supplemental essay writing
  • Interview pointers and prep
Once students have crafted their Common Application, our mentors continue to work with them on their additional supplemental essays – providing vital feedback and support. Some students manage to complete the majority of their supplemental essays in one camp!

Upcoming Digital College Application Booster​® Camps

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