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Although standardized test scores aren’t everything, they are a big piece of any college application. Scores demonstrate overall academic ability, and high scores give applications a competitive advantage. Luckily, earning a solid score can often be accomplished through hard work and strategic studying. Thus, finding the right tutor is critical for optimal success. Command Education’s tutors have proven track records of helping students achieve their desired results. We’ve worked and earned impressive results with students of all ability levels, and have the most up-to-date information about standardized testing’s fast-changing landscape.

Command Education offers online tutoring for students based outside of NYC through video conference and in-person tutoring for students who are in NYC.

Private SAT/ACT tutoring

Unique Study Plans Tailored for Individual Students

The ACT and the SAT are quite different, but serve the same purpose in the college application — putting you and your academic skills in context with the rest of applicants across the US and abroad. Although they’re seen equally in the eyes of admissions officers, it’s important to pick the right one because every student is different and will find one test more challenging. Our tutors will help you pick a test and plan ahead. Our tutors have proven track records of improving student scores dramatically – call now to learn more.

Private SAT Subject Test tutoring

Scoring well on a subject test is one of the best ways of demonstrating academic excellence in a particular subject area. Most colleges require two subject tests, but students should have at least three subject test scores to submit in order to be competitive. Our tutors will work with you to evaluate which subject tests to work on and, through private one-on-one guidance, prepare you for the test. There’s more to scoring well than simply understanding the material, and our tutors are experts at helping you avoid the tricks and strategies designed to trip up the unprepared student.

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