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Over the past 5 years, 94% of our students were accepted to one of their top three school choices.

Including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Stanford, MIT, and more.

Command Education knows what Ivy League and top-tier colleges want and can help students gain admission to their dream school. We’re proud of the success of our students and the thousands of families we’ve helped. In fact, over 33% of all new students are direct referrals!


Of our students over the last five years were accepted to one of their top three school choices.


Of juniors feel more confident about their college application chances working with a Senior Mentor.

Command Education College Consulting Results

More than 9 out of 10 of our students have been accepted to one or more of their top three schools. Our students have been accepted to the world’s most prestigious and competitive schools, including all eight Ivy League universities. Here is a select list of recent acceptances:

Amherst College
Boston College 
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Duke University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
New York University
New York University – Stern

Northwestern University
Princeton University
Skidmore College
Stanford University
University of California – Berkeley
University of California – Los Angeles
University of Chicago
University of Michigan
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania – Wharton
Washington University in St. Louis
Williams College
Yale University

The list above includes acceptances from all of our locations for students who worked individually with our current and former senior counselors before, during, and after the formation of Command Group. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Student Surveys

Command Education focuses on providing the highest quality high school mentoring to help students find their passions, tell their stories, and work on meaningful projects that will help them identify lifelong pursuits and stand out in the college application process.

Mentor Satisfaction

Because our team is near peer in age, 96% of our students can personally relate to their mentors.

  • 96% 96%

100% of students feel their mentors have helped improve their writing skills.

  • 100% 100%

89% of students feel their mentors have helped them develop a meaningful extracurricular activity plan

  • 89% 89%

100% of students feel their mentors have helped them feel pride in their accomplishments.

  • 100% 100%
100% feel their mentors have helped them pursue their passions.
  • 100% 100%

Why are students excited to work with Command Education?

Students seek our advice to understand the best way to tackle the college application process, learn more about scholarship and award opportunities, and plan the best course to pursue their passions.

The College Application Experience

100% of juniors feel more confident about their college application chances working with a CEG mentor.

  • 100% 100%

88% of students working with a CEG mentor say they feel their parents now feel more confident about the college application process.

  • 88% 88%

Our students reported an 80% drop in anxiety after as few as four sessions with our mentors.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. All results will vary by individual and be affected by factors outside the control of Command Group Inc. dba Command Education. Command Group Inc. and this website make no representation, promise, or guarantee that any particular result or outcome can or will be obtained.

What our students say:

“I feel less stressed for my future and more focused/driven.” — Junior from NY
“I feel less alone and more guided in this complex college application process.” — Junior from NJ
“I feel like I have had a better understanding of the path I am taking now that I have someone to discuss it with other than my parents. I have also been more motivated to work to my full potential in extracurriculars.” — Freshman
“She helps me so much. I feel smarter and more prepared.” — Junior
“I feel like my mentor is helping me develop writing skills and building my confidence. I also feel a lot comfortable managing everything and being able to ask my mentor for advice.” — Sophomore