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Command Education

Mission & Ethics


Command Education is the emotionally intelligent approach to college consulting. Our mission is to empower each individual to find their passion while developing valuable life skills for college and beyond. We motivate students to view education as a path to realizing their potential and making an impact on their generation.

Our Guiding Principles


Our mentors are committed to strict confidentiality and respect for students’ and families’ privacy. Command Education does not disclose, divulge, reveal, report, or use, for any purpose, any confidential information relating to students or their families. In addition, Command Education does not contact secondary schools or universities for any reason whatsoever.


We believe that for students to flourish in the college admissions process and throughout the rest of their academic career, it is essential for them to discover their true and authentic selves and communicate in their own voice. Therefore, while we equip students with the tools to communicate effectively, hone their interests, and pursue opportunities to deepen their knowledge, we do not do the work on their behalf, nor do we directly contact universities or current admissions officers.

By working with Command Education, students gain the skills to articulate their passions and convey who they are in their own words to admissions committees, imparting the confidence of knowing that their acceptance was the result of their own hard work and merit.


Students rely on our mentors to uphold their commitments, provide sound advice, and guide them through the admissions process knowledgeably and responsibly. While we are not infallible, we seek to provide the most accurate recommendations based on our continued professional development and rigorous research into the ever-changing world of college admissions. By offering unlimited remote mentoring and tutoring, we also strive to give students across the globe boundless and reliable access to our expert services.


Command Education works with students from an array of different cultural, geographic, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds. Regardless of a student’s situation, our goal is to meet each student where they are in their academic journey and help them achieve their personal and academic goals. We seek to devote time and resources to reach students who would not otherwise have access to our services through both pro-bono consulting and our ever-expanding cache of free online resources.

Command Education

Inclusivity at Our Core

Christopher Rim
Founder & CEO

“I understand firsthand the unique challenges that Asian American students face in the college admissions process. I never thought I’d get accepted to Ivy League and top-tier colleges as an Asian American student. While more than a dozen other students from my high school also applied to Yale with better stats, my counselor prepared me for rejection not because of my 3.7 GPA, but because I was an Asian American applicant. Determined to pursue my academic goals and make a difference in my community, I started a non-profit to educate students on bystander intervention and to bring emotional intelligence (EQ) programs into schools.

Ultimately, despite my counselor’s predictions, I was the only student from my high school to get accepted to Yale and other top-tier colleges.

My experience is not uncommon—Asian American students often face pressure to appear “less Asian” on their applications, fighting against common stereotypes of Asian students playing the piano or joining the fencing team or excelling in math. As the founder and CEO of Command Education, I am committed to combating Asian hate—specifically as the Covid-19 pandemic ushered in a new wave of anti-Asian bias—and further supporting students of all backgrounds in receiving fair and equitable consideration in the admissions process.

Students are not stereotypes—at Command Education, we ensure that students’ unique stories, ambitious goals, and authentic passions are all that colleges see.”

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