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Command Education is the emotionally intelligent approach to college consulting. Our mission is to empower each individual to find their passion while developing valuable life skills for college and beyond. We motivate students to view education as a path to realizing their potential and making an impact on their generation.

Our Methods

Passion + Experience = Results

We strive to spark curiosity and genuine enthusiasm in our students and provide them with the opportunity and the support system to find their ‘hook’ and develop a passion and skill set that will set them apart.

The research-driven path

Our work at Command Education is informed by our founder’s four years at Yale University, earning his BA in psychology and working as a research assistant at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. There, he helped to conduct a survey of 44,000 high school students, which found that 75% of the words they used to describe how they feel at school were negative. The most common words? “Tired,” “Stressed,” and “Bored.” If that’s how students feel, how can they achieve the extraordinary results they’ll need in order to gain admission to their dream schools?

But there is hope—when asked how students wanted to feel, the results described exactly the kind of student who will succeed: “Inspired.” “Empowered.” “Supported.” “Excited.” “Passionate.” “Purposeful.” “Motivated.” Students want to achieve the mindset that will lead to success, but they need help—and that’s where Command Education comes in. Our near-peer mentors are trained to inspire, empower, and support students to discover what they are truly excited and passionate about. Once our students have reduced their stress and refocused their energy on their true purpose, we often hear from their parents with these words: “I have never seen my child so motivated.” With our mentors supporting and encouraging them, 100% our students feel empowered to pursue their passions and feel proud of their accomplishments (based on our last survey).

Near-peer guidance toward what really matters

Our mentors are all recent graduates of Ivy League and Top 10 schools. Our students respond to us because they see us as peers and mentors, not extensions of their parents and teachers. College admissions have changed dramatically in the past decade, and a lot of advice that was once useful now no longer applies or can even hurt a student’s chances. Knowing that our counselors are all recent graduates of the most elite schools gives our students confidence that our methods work.

Welcome to Command Education. We’re here for you.

At Command Education, our counselors work side-by-side with your child to:

  • Refine their college list and select schools based on their unique strengths and interests
  • Outline an intensive and holistic plan of study for academics as well as a personalized testing schedule
  • Select extracurricular and summer activities specifically geared to highlight their distinctive talents
  • Determine which schools to visit and learn how to make the most of their time there
  • Practice and prepare for presenting their best self during a college interview
  • Develop and polish a thorough resume to showcase their achievements to colleges and high-value internship programs
  • Draft and refine a thoughtful personal essay that highlights their unique personality in a way that appeals to top-tier schools
  • Assess offers of admission and most effectively respond to waitlist and deferral letters

We can assist students with any specific aspect of the college admissions process or be there to guide them throughout their entire high school career. Our full range of services as well as our diverse array of price points offers flexibility to families with specific needs or financial limitations.

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