Consulting Services for College Students

Ideally, every student will head to their dream college straight after high school. However, thousands of students each year find themselves at a university that doesn’t match their expectations. They may be seeking a more diverse college campus, more rigorous academics, a specific major that is not offered at their school, a richer extracurricular life, or any number of other opportunities. If you are interested in transferring but don’t know how to start, Command Education can set you up for success and assist you along the path to the college that’s right for you.

Career Counseling

Mentors provide college students with interview prep, career matching, resume revision and other career-oriented services.

Internship/Research Assistance

This service includes opportunity search, resume revision, cover letter assistance, and interview prep. We also use our extensive network of leading professionals to provide valuable insight and potential opportunities.


Transfer application services

This package is designed for current college freshmen and sophomores who would like to transfer to a different college or university than they are currently attending.

Command mentors will work with you to frame your college and high school experiences, complete the Common App for transfer students, make a list of suitable schools, and come up with the idea for and edit your main personal essay and any supplemental essays.

Our Approach

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