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Reviews and Testimonials


We know what top schools want, and can help you gain admission to the top colleges and universities in the U.S.. Read what clients say when students maximize their college admissions chances and get into their dream schools.

“Selecting Chris and his team to help my daughter apply to the perfect college has been one of the best investments I have made. I want to pass on the good news that my daughter will be joining Wharton this fall.”

— Parent of Kayla W., Wharton

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“I have just started hearing back from colleges and so far I got into: Cornell, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, and Carnegie Mellon! I’ll let you know where else I get in and where I end up going!”

— James C., Carnegie Mellon University

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“Honestly can’t thank you and your team for everything you did to support Jasmine. Your guidance is what nailed it. It has been a pleasure working with you. We thank you and will recommend Command Education.”

— Parent of Jasmine, L., University of Notre Dame

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“For an international student like myself, the personal essay and its significance in the admissions process was a vague and difficult task for me to master. Dan helped me understand what colleges were looking for in an essay and helped me learn how to convey my personal voice to admissions. He helped me earn acceptance to Stanford; I couldn’t be more grateful for his help.”

— Jimmy O., Stanford University

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“THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am so thrilled to have been accepted to all of my reach schools. Thank you for your expertise and knowledge in helping me craft the perfect essay. I can’t begin to appreciate how grateful I am for your help.”

— Daniel K., Harvard College

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“College Application Booster® Camp improved my writing immensely; I learned how to make my essays personal and succinct without cutting out the rich details. This is a valuable skill that helped me master the college essay and application.”

— Lauren O., Princeton University

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— Sarah H., Johns Hopkins

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“The guidance I received at Booster Camp writing my Harvard supplement helped me understand the nuance required in crafting a concise, authentic essay. Dan’s commitment to individualized instruction really helped me grow as a writer.”

— David M., Harvard University

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“We appreciate you and recognize the dedication you gave Diana. Your stamp on her will carry her to her next chapter, becoming a doctor. You and your team have a big part in her future achievements.”

— Parent of Diana A., Tufts

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“Your essay instruction was a real help with my admission to the University of Pennsylvania and I don’t think it would have been possible without your guidance. Not only did I write a great college application essay, but I improved my overall writing skills.”

— Sylvia K., University of Pennsylvania

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“Ella was taken off the waitlist and offered acceptance to Yale today! Not sure what we are going to do but thank you SO very much!! You and your company truly made this possible!”

— Parent of Ella L., Yale

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“Chelsea got into Stanford and Columbia. Thank you so much for all the great input. And a special thanks to her mentor. Chelsea loved interacting with her. You guys are awesome!”

— Parent of Chelsea P., Stanford

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— Hannah D., UCLA

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“From guiding on her passion project, helping with essays, advice on the activity list, keeping us on track and providing your expertise on everything in between. There are too many amazing things to list. You are dedicated to your students and the success in her acceptance clearly showcases that! I want you to know you do amazing work and it was much appreciated. We are so over the moon with Cornell.”

— Parents of Rebecca H., Cornell

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“We want to thank you for your work with Olivia over the last couple of months. You’ve put her in a position to succeed like no one she’s ever worked with. We could not have asked for more than what you’ve given her. I’ve been an adjunct professor for 20+ years, and in my teaching I always recall something on of my Jesuit professors told me about the role of an educator – ‘you need to get through to them.’ You’ve done that with Olivia. She’s very lucky to have worked with you.”

— Parents of Olivia B., Pomona

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“Chris and his team was the buffer my husband and I needed. I let them handle everything with Mark. I fully put my trust in Chris, and not only did Mark get into Wharton, but I think he totally saved our marriage!”

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