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Frequently Asked Questions

At Command Education, we strive to spark curiosity and genuine enthusiasm towards a constructive passion that will form the critical building block of our students’ college applications.

What makes Command Education different from other college consulting agencies?

At Command Education, we don’t just want our students to get into elite schools, we want them to succeed and thrive once they are there. Our guidance is personalized and tailored to each student and his or her specific needs and goals. Because our mentoring is based in EQ, or emotional intelligence, our students develop socially and emotionally and build the skills they need to succeed in college, in their personal and professional lives, and beyond.

Our mentors are all recent graduates of Ivy League and top tier schools. The team is also near-peer, so they are able to effectively guide high school students through a process they succeeded in recently, often playing a role similar to an ‘older brother’ or ‘older sister’ of their mentees. College admissions have changed dramatically in the past decade, and a lot of advice that was once useful now no longer applies or can even hurt a student’s chances. Knowing that our counselors are all recent graduates of the most elite schools gives our students confidence that our methods work. Our ultimate goal is to spark curiosity and genuine enthusiasm in our students and provide them with the opportunity and the support system to find their ‘hook’ and develop a passion and skill set that will set them apart.

Why does my student need private college consulting?

Educators may focus on developing calculus abilities or study habits and coaches on footwork or form, but a student is a sum of their parts; their passions, interests, strengths and weaknesses, sense of humor, ability to write an email… the list is endless. At Command Education, we offer holistic mentorship for our students towards college admissions.

Our philosophy is simple: we focus on a students’ passions and interests, and the rest follows naturally. Academically, we teach students to manage their time, study efficiently, choose rigorous courses, and help them to create a study schedule and testing timeline for acing standardized tests. Outside of the classroom, we encourage students to explore their interests and take on leadership positions in their passions, whether it be running for a leadership position on a board or committee, or starting and developing their own non-profit. Professionally, we help our students choose meaningful and enriching summer occupations such as attending a prestigious summer program, interning, or becoming involved in summer research. We teach our students to write resumes and cover letters, and how to network their way toward their dream opportunities and gain admission to their dream schools.

Which packages do you offer?

More likely than not, your student’s high school guidance counselor is overwhelmed with the task of aiding hundreds of other students with their college application process. Having one counselor’s energy and resources stretched so thin severely limits the personal attention needed to successfully navigate the college admissions process. At Command Education, we pride ourselves in giving your student the individual focus he or she deserves in order to guide them through the often intimidating process of college admissions. We offer one-on-one guidance and schedule our services around your child’s needs, not the other way around.

Our services include: our Premier Roadmap Package® for students from middle school to high school, our College Transfer program for undergraduates looking to transfer to a different college, our Digital Essay Review for individual essay edits, our online College Application Accelerator™, our College Application Booster® camps, internship/research opportunity assistance (available as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to a Premier Roadmap Package®), and both standardized testing and academic tutoring.

What grade levels do you work with?

Command Education works with students starting as early as middle school and as late as current college students hoping to transfer schools. We encourage our clients to start working with us at the beginning of their high school careers (or earlier) as it’s never too early to gain a head start in the college admissions process. Our services offerings vary based on the grade of the student — we have specialized programs for high school seniors, 8th-11th graders, current college students, and children in 7th grade and below. 

What are the hours we can expect counselors to be available?

Our counselors know that students aren’t on a 9-5 schedule. That’s why the majority of our meetings and video calls are scheduled by the student for the evening or on weekends, and our students can contact us at all hours. We typically get back to our students within a few hours, if not just a few minutes, as we only work with a limited number of students at any given point in order to provide our students with high-level individual attention. Our mentors are always available via text for their students if any urgent or last-minute questions arise. We typically meet with students weekly but this frequency may vary based on student needs and workload with some students meeting mentors every other day and others on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Are parents allowed to join calls?

Parents are always welcome to join the first introductory meeting and any following meeting. However, we find that when we are able to meet with students one-on-one, we get to know them and their goals better, make more accurate evaluations of their progress, and achieve more as we work together. We are happy to communicate with parents about any questions, updates, or concerns directly via email, or 1:1 on a phone call.

Do students work directly with the founder?

Christopher Rim works directly with only 1 or 2 students at any given point. He also makes sure that each student is paired with the right counselor and works with the counselors in strategizing for their students’ success.

What does a counselor do?

Our counselors don’t just help students get into top colleges. We put the focus on the student, not the student’s college application, helping them grow a sense of self, develop pertinent life skills, and discover what truly motivates them. At Command Education, we don’t just want our students to get into their dream school – we want them to succeed when they get there.

At Command Education, we help students with all aspects of their education, including extracurricular development, volunteer opportunity search, non-profit project development, scholarship and award applications, interview prep, course selection, testing timeline strategy, general coaching, and of course, the college application process during their junior and senior years. Our main specialty, however, is helping students differentiate themselves from their classmates by helping them find their “hook”. Top schools can fill an entire class three times over with students who have perfect scores and GPAs — what they are looking for is students who can add value to the student body and positively impact and shape the campus community.

Do you only work with high-achieving students? Does a student who is currently struggling in school stand a chance in the competitive college admissions process?

A popular myth surrounding the college admissions process is that only valedictorians with perfect test scores can hope to gain admission into their dream schools. In fact, most top colleges would rather admit a student with lower grades who demonstrates passion and unique qualities. Command Education helps our students find that passion and guides and supports them in developing a compelling college application. We have experience helping students of all GPAs and academic backgrounds find and gain acceptance to a college where they will thrive.

Do I need to apply to use your services?

No. We work with students on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to provide our clients with high-level individual attention, all of our programs and packages, including our College Application Booster®, typically sell out months in advance. Please call us at 1 (212) 368-1000 or email us at [email protected] to inquire about availability or to be added to the waitlist.

Why should I sign my child up for Application Booster® Camp?

Our College Application Booster® camps are our most popular program for rising seniors because they are able to perfect their Common Application activities list, write their Common Application personal statement (something many students have difficulty writing), and prepare a collection of adaptable supplemental essays, all in one week before school starts.

At our College Application Booster® camps, rising seniors get five days of individual attention and accomplish in a week what would normally take months during senior fall, when the focus should be on grades, testing, and developing extracurriculars. Students meet one-on-one with our mentors, all of whom have graduated from Ivy League and top-tier schools. Each day, students receive several rounds of feedback from their mentor, as well as input from other mentors on our team, allowing them to get a significant amount of writing done that week.

Our College Application Booster® camps are conducted in person at our offices in New York City. as well as in various metropolitan areas based on demand. Learn more about our College Application Booster® camps here.

Will our communications be confidential?

Command Education ensures complete privacy for our clients, from the NDAs our employees sign to the various cybersecurity methods we use. All communications between Command Education and our clients are kept entirely confidential. We received explicit written consent to publish all of the testimonials and client information shared on our website.

Do you provide tutoring services?

We offer academic tutoring for standardized tests as a standalone service. Please note our counseling services (1:1 Mentoring, Premier Roadmap Package®, etc) do not include tutoring services, although they do include advice and insight about standardized tests, course selection, and study timelines.

How does billing work?

Payments may be made by personal check, wire transfer, and personal debit or credit card linked to a US financial institution. All billing is managed internally.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located at 750 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10022. All of our services are offered via video conferencing, and our counselors travel across the country and world given sufficient demand.

Does Command Education only work with students in the New York metropolitan area?

No. In fact, only about a third of our students live in the New York City metropolitan area. Command Education works with students from all over the world from Hong Kong to Dubai to India to Indonesia to the United Kingdom, —maybe talk about how we travel a lot as well The majority of our students prefer to meet with counselors via video conferencing—even if they live a few blocks away from our office!

How do I get into contact with the team if I have any other questions?

Please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or telephone at +1 (212) 368-1000 or 1 (800) 887-0393. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, please fill out this form and we will get back to you within 12 hours.