College Application Booster​®: High School Seniors, Get ahead on your college application!

It’s time to prepare for college success with expert guidance

The Premier Senior Package® is designed to start at any time from junior year or later.

Acceptance rates at top-tier and Ivy League colleges are currently at an all-time low of 4-6%. With competition continuing to increase, it’s never been more essential for students to stand out with an application that gives them a competitive edge. We can help.

Why parents and students trust Command Education

We have a history of success

Over 9 out of 10 of our students who enroll in this program have been accepted to one or more of their top three schools. Why not become our latest success story?

We make the process less stressful

Each student is assigned a dedicated Senior mentor who works with them year-round for optimal success. Our students report an 80% drop in college application anxiety after just 4 sessions with our mentors.

Our students cultivate important life skills

Our mentors help instill and inspire a sense of leadership and teamwork in students, making a difference in their lives and excelling in their college application.

Personalized and tailored mentorship

This unlimited package helps students work at their own pace to stay on track with their standardized tests, coursework and homework

“THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am so thrilled to have been accepted to all of my reach schools. Thank you for your expertise and knowledge in helping me craft the perfect essay. I can’t begin to appreciate how grateful I am for your help.”

-Daniel K., Harvard College


The Roadmap to College Success

Manage the application process effectively

Staying on track in this critical year is hard! From organizational skills to time management, we provide guidance and mentoring to ensure students can navigate deadlines and key dates with personalized study schedules.

A tailored approach to learning

It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of the route to college success. Our expert mentors provide a personalized roadmap for students with one-to-one attention, enabling students to ask any questions and focus on specific areas where they need help.

Create the perfect college list

The first step in applying for college is exploring which options match a student’s abilities and interests. We help students and parents discover colleges where they will be academically challenged, motivated and most importantly, happy – ensuring they excel in their chosen fields.

Craft unforgettable college essays

In our experience, high school English classes do not accurately reflect the writing techniques needed for college essays. Our mentors are essay experts and help students explore creative ways to tell their unique stories that stand out.

Build an outstanding resume

Summing up one’s academic, extracurricular and professional experience on a single sheet of paper can be intimidating. The Common Application allows space for ten entries of less than 200 characters. With such little space, each word is of vital importance. Our mentors help students prioritize this list, ensuring it is compelling and attractive to potential colleges.

Ace college interview process

The college interview is often seen as the most feared part of the admissions process, but it doesn’t have to be. Our mentors guide students through extensive prep and practice interviews, encouraging students to let their personalities shine while making an irresistible first impression.

Get started with our world-class full-time mentors with our Premier Senior Package® today!

World-class professional mentors

Our full-time team has helped hundreds of students with the college application process. If you’re a student looking to succeed, learn from the best.

  • Dedicated full-time mentors
  • Expert advice from Ivy League and top-tier school graduates
  • Near-peer mentors who succeeded recently through the college application process
  • Our students can personally relate to their mentors
  • Strategists who understand the intricacies of US admissions
  • Friendly and relatable resources
  • Our reliable team achieves outstanding results every year!

Your Chance to get ahead.

The Premier Senior Package® is designed to start at any time from junior year or later. The earlier students start work with our mentors, the more time they have to create a strong application and begin building their bright future.