Premier Senior Package®

Our Premier Senior Package® is designed to take a high school senior through all aspects of the college application process, from choosing the perfect list of schools to apply to, to writing the most compelling college essays, to acing alumni interviews. The process of applying to university has many important components, and we’re here to walk your student through every step of the way.

Balancing applications with school, extracurriculars, and a social life can be a difficult task. As with any major process, the trick to success is starting early and getting ahead. Mentors help students keep track of deadlines, remember which schools accept the Common Application and which have their own process, and identify appropriate ways to express interest in the schools to which they are applying. Though students can start working with a mentor at any point in the application process, we find that students who begin in the late spring of their junior year of high school or the following summer have the optimal experience. The earlier a student begins working with our mentors, the more time they have to craft a strong application.

Commonly, high-achieving students are used to succeeding, and sometimes, they don’t know when to ask for help. This is one of the most important skills a student can learn in applying for, and later, in attending college.

For example, learning to ask a high school teacher for a college recommendation letter in a timely and polite manner is a skill that extends to asking college professors for letters of recommendation for jobs or graduate school. Similarly, managing multiple application deadlines over a period of three to four months mirrors the college semester cycle, and learning to produce quality work within a certain time constraint will translate well to managing midterms, projects, papers, and finals in college.

Having completed the application process recently themselves, our team of full-time mentors who graduated from Ivy League universities are a well-informed and relatable resource for high school seniors. Mentors act as a sort of older sibling who prepares the student for college, teaches them life skills, and helps build students’ confidence by sharing their own experiences and life lessons.

Though the college application process can be tricky and difficult, it’s a fantastic learning opportunity, and we’re here to help!

Our Approach

College List

​Our mentors guide students through finding appropriate safety, match, and reach schools to apply to. Many students have no idea how to determine if a school is a reach for them or how to find safety schools at which they would be intellectually stimulated. Our goal for our students is that they only apply to schools at which they will be enabled to pursue their areas of interest, academically challenged and motivated, and most importantly, happy.

Essay ideas/edits

The college essay doesn’t mirror the writing that student’s have been assigned in their high school English classes. Our mentors teach their students how to write an appropriate essay, providing assistance in brainstorming and strategizing, grammar and spelling edits. Together, mentors and students discuss elements of style and flow. Mentors make detailed suggestions for content, structure, tone and diction and review and comment on all revisions until the students feel as though their essays are the best that they can be. Our college essay review service is also offered as a stand alone package.

Activities list/résumé building

Summing up one’s academic, extracurricular and professional experience on one sheet of paper can be intimidating. The Common Application allows students to describe their extracurricular involvement in ten entries of less than 200 characters. The less space you have to describe your activities, the more important each word becomes. At Command Education, our mentors will help students accurately and strategically present their experience to colleges and potential employers.

Interview Prep

The college interview may be the most feared part of the admissions process. Interview skills are vital for getting any job or internship. Mentors guide their students through extensive preparation and mock interviews to ensure that they have the expertise and confidence they need to ace their interviews. Mentors encourage students to let their personalities shine through and leave a lasting impression.

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