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Colleges and Universities

Choosing which colleges to apply to is one of the most difficult parts of the college application process—and one of the most important.

Testing and Academics

Top grades and standardized test scores lay at the foundation of any successful college application.

The College Application Process

A collection of advice we swear by to help students succeed.

College Application Essays

Your Common App essay has the power to leave a lasting impression on college admissions officers.

Why Command Education

Why our emotionally intelligent approach helps students gain admission to their dream schools.


Our guidance helps students highlight their strengths in their extracurricular endeavors, setting them apart from other students.

College Application Supplement Guides Fall 2021

Review dozens of college supplement guides.

Command Education Videos

Watch our videos to hear our program development team share our unique advice for gaining admission to top schools.

International Student Resources

We know how challenging applying to college can be for international students, so we’ve compiled helpful guides to help you navigate the process.