College Application Booster​®: Get ahead on your college application!

The early start you need to prepare for your dream college.

For students aged 13 to 16, college can seem like a lifetime away; this makes it the perfect time for students to begin exploring their passions and interests – preparing them with the skills and experiences that make for a truly unique college applicant.

Why parents and students trust Command Education

Your success is our success

Our mentorship program is second to none. Over 9 out of 10 students who enroll in this program have been accepted to one or more of their top three schools. Our roadmap clients start their journeys as early as 7th grade but we tailor the program to any age. Why not become our latest success story?

It’s the best way to prepare for college

Each student is assigned a dedicated mentor who works with them for optimal success. To ensure the perfect partnership, we match mentors based on each student’s needs, learning styles, and interests. Our students report an 80% drop in college anxiety after just 4 sessions with our mentors.

We nurture future leaders

Our mentors help instill and inspire a sense of leadership and teamwork in students. From starting their own non-profits and joining committees to opening up opportunities in fantastic internships and summer occupations – we help students broaden their horizons.

Paced for optimal learning and success

This unlimited package helps students work at their own pace to stay on track with their standardized tests, coursework, and homework – providing the perfect guide through one of the most difficult times in a student’s life. We tailor all our guidance to each student and their needs.

“It’s not just test scores and G.P.A. that get you into a top school. You need really great extracurricular activities.” 

Christopher Rim, Founder and CEO of Command Education
as quoted in The New Yorker

The Roadmap to College Success

Best-in-class strategies

We build tailored timelines with parents and students, ensuring that every element, from academic and revision sessions to extracurricular pursuits, is channeled through an inclusive roadmap — helping students visualize their journey to college success.

Scholarship and study management

Efficient and effective time management has a significant influence on academic success. Our mentors work with students to create personalized scholarship application goals, study schedules, while finding a balance between extracurricular activities, and down-time.

Customized Plan

Our mentors understand what makes an exceptional extracurricular list. We help students find and choose events and activities matched with their passions — turning excitement into experience and assisting students in excelling today, long before the college application process.

Leadership coaching

Our students aren’t just class presidents — they’re award-winning non-profit founders, community organizers, and entrepreneurs. We explore leadership and teamwork opportunities with students, guiding them in taking these activities to the next level.

Boost self-confidence

Sometimes, all it takes to boost students’ belief in themselves is finding the gaps in certainty and knowledge. Our mentors help identify specifically where students need to improve. This means they’re more likely to raise their hand when they know the answer and ask for help if they don’t.

Resume building

It’s often intimidating to sum up one’s academic and professional experience onto one sheet of paper. Many students overlook the crucial process of crafting a compelling resume. Our mentors help students present their abilities to summer camps, potential employers, and finally, their dream colleges.

Year-round guidance for high school success

World-class mentors

This program is designed specifically for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. We have helped hundreds of students with the college application process. If you’re a student looking to succeed, learn from the best.

  • Dedicated full-time mentors
  • Expert advice from Ivy League and top-tier graduates
  • Strategists who understand the intricacies of US college admissions
  • Resourceful and personal individuals who know how to help each student reach their goals
  • Our mentors are near-peer in age, so students personally relate
  • Friendly and relatable resources
  • Outstanding results
  • Reliable team achieving outstanding results every year!

Start early to get ahead

The earlier students start work with our mentors, the more time they have to create a strong application and begin building their bright future. The Premier Roadmap Package® is designed to start at any time from 7th grade or later.