Premier Roadmap Package®

Our signature offering: year-round guidance towards high school success for freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Educators may focus on developing calculus abilities or study habits and coaches on footwork or form, but a student is a sum of their parts; their passions, interests, strengths and weakness, sense of humour, ability to write an email… the list is endless. At Command, we offer holistic mentorship for our students towards college admissions.

Our philosophy is simple: we focus on a students’ passions and interests, and the rest follows naturally. Academically, we teach students to manage their time, study efficiently, choose rigorous courses, and help them to create a study schedule and testing timeline for acing standardized tests. Outside of the classroom, we encourage students to explore their interests and take on leadership positions in their passions, whether it be running for a leadership position on a board or committee, or starting and developing their own non-profit. Professionally, we help our students choose meaningful and enriching summer occupations such as attending a prestigious summer program, interning, or becoming involved in summer research. We teach our students to write resumes and cover letters, and how to network their way into their dream opportunities and gain admission to their dream schools.

We speak with our students over video chat, text and call, and provide writing feedback on collaborative online documents. Mentors are matched with students based on the students’ needs, learning style, and interests, then provide individualized mentoring and feedback for each student.

Activity Development

​At Command Education, our experienced mentors have developed a keen eye for what constitutes an exceptional extracurricular list. We help choose activities that both reflect our students’ unique goals and interests and will demonstrate to admissions officers the role they’ll play in a campus community once admitted. We excel at discovering unique projects and opportunities for our students, from writing public policy proposals to founding their own nonprofits.

Leadership Mentoring

Admissions officers are looking for applications that show not only excellence, but the drive to be a self-starter and a go-getter. We help our students locate leadership opportunities in their schools and communities and provide guidance in taking those opportunities to the next level. Our students aren’t just class presidents — they are award-winning nonprofit founders, community organizers, political activists, and entrepreneurs.

Resume Building

It’s often an intimidating task to sum up one’s academic and professional experience onto one sheet of paper. Many students overlook the crucial process of crafting a proper resume. At Command Education, our mentors will help you accurately and strategically present your experience to colleges and potential employers.

Nonprofit and Entrepreneurial Coaching

One of the most effective ways for students to distinguish themselves and pursue their passions in a meaningful way is by starting their own entrepreneurial or nonprofit ventures. Our mentors guide students through the process, from identifying a stand-out idea to executing, developing, and marketing their organization.

Our Approach

Specialized Premier Roadmap Package®

Every student is different, but our mentors have identified a few ‘tracks’ where students benefit from some added structure and industry experience. Our mentor team consists of Ivy League medical students, Olympic athletes, writers, and musicians whose past experiences make them invaluable resources to students with similar interests.

Command Med®

For students interested in entering the medical or dental professions, this extremely rigorous program is only offered to three students per year.


Command Athletics®

Many student-athletes wait too long before diving into the complex college recruitment process — our athletic roadmap package puts students ahead of the game.


Command Creative®

Students skilled in creative writing often have difficulty translating their skillset into achievements that stand out to colleges. Our specialized program can help.


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