Pro Bono

Information about colleges, scholarships, and financial aid options is not always accessible. Command Education helps bright, motivated students from under-resourced schools to find the confidence and tools to apply and get admitted to their dream schools. From Los Angeles to Switzerland, Command Education has provided free mentorship, seminars, and essay review services to students. We can provide customized programs for schools and private events based on your specific needs.

Letter of Rec
Brief activities list
Short essay: Why are you interested in mentorship with Command Education?
Demonstration of financial need
Must be junior or rising senior

Cancellation Policy: If you miss meetings, are more than 15 minutes late, and/or cancel meetings within less than 24 hours more than 3 times, your scholarship will be revoked

Potentially: 500$ Amazon gift card award to help you buy books and dorm supplies

For an international student like myself, the personal essay and its significance in the admissions process was a vague and difficult task for me to master. Dan helped me understand what colleges were looking for in an essay and helped me learn how to convey my personal voice to admissions. He helped me earn acceptance to Stanford; I couldn’t be more grateful for his help

— Jimmy O., Stanford Class of 2020