Duke University

School Name: Duke University

School Location: Durham, NC

School Type: Liberal arts

Class of 2022

  • Regular Applications: 33,260
  • Regular Admitted: 2,340
  • Regular Acceptance Rate: 7%
  • Admitted from waiting list

General Info


  • 25th percentile for admitted students on the SAT is about 1490; the 75th percentile is about 1560. For the ACT, the 25th percentile of admitted students score a 33 and the 75th percentile score a 35.”


  • High Reach


  • Early Decision: November 1
  • Early Results: December 15
  • Regular Deadline: January 2
  • Regular Results: April 1

School Info

  • Schedule: Semester
  • Curriculum Type: General Education requirements
  • Greek Life: Yes
  • Athletics: DI

Quote from person at Command who went there

  • “Duke prides itself on being younger and scrappier compared to many of its peer institutions. Students are encouraged to challenge the status quo and make use of the school’s inexhaustible resources to combine their interests in innovative and exciting ways. You don’t have to love basketball, of course, but I will say that ‘tenting’ in the dead of winter for tickets to the Carolina game is a great way to make friends for life (as well as potentially wind up with frostbite). All in all, I’d stress that Dukies feel very strongly about their status as Blue Devils. If you come here, you can expect your fellow classmates to be one thing: passionate.” -Caroline, class of 2018

Duke FAQs – Here’s everything you should know before you apply to Duke University!

Should I apply to Dukes’ Early Decision? 

If you feel confident that Duke is the right school for you, then you should strongly consider applying under Early Decision. Duke rewards students who feel passionately about becoming Blue Devils, and the current dean of admissions has publicly stated that applying early can make all the difference for applicants.

What is Duke’s core/ general education requirements?

Depending on whether students are enrolled in the Pratt School of Engineering or the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, undergraduates must fulfill certain distribution requirements in categories such as, “quantitative reasoning,” “world civilizations,” and “writing.” In general, engineers can opt out of certain requirements, including the foreign language sequence. Students enjoy the opportunity to dabble in fields outside of their majors and often stumble upon new interests in the process of fulfilling distributional requirements. Further, all first-years at Duke University must enroll in an academic writing seminar.

Is there an advanced standing option?/ Does Duke accept AP scores for college credit?

While AP scores in some subjects might be accepted for accelerated placement, many departments still require an entrance exam in order to gain access to higher-level courses. It’s advisable to check with the department in question to make sure.

What is the average financial aid package like at Duke?

Duke is committed to meeting 100% of every admitted student’s demonstrated need, and financial aid is reviewed annually in order to ensure that students can continue to afford their education while enrolled. Further, Duke is unique among the nation’s top 10 universities in that the school offers a limited number of merit scholarships. Students are automatically considered for these opportunities when they apply to Duke under Early or Regular Decision.

What mental health services does Duke provide?

Students have access to services at CAPS, the on-campus counseling center, and many choose to work with off-campus professionals (who accept the university’s medical insurance!) during their time at Duke as well. The school has made strides in recent years to hire more CAPS counselors of color as well as counselors who have experience working with members of the LGBTQ+ population.

Do I have to live on campus at Duke?

Students are guaranteed on-campus housing for all four years. However, a significant portion of undergraduates choose to live in private apartments or houses surrounding campus during their senior year. Duke has garnered attention lately for its over-the-top accommodations for students, including a new dormitory on the school’s East Campus that features massage chairs, a movie theatre, and more.

Is Duke a good choice for athletes?

In a word, yes. When it comes to cultivating a culture of excellence across multiple arenas–academics, athletics, extracurriculars–you can’t do much better than Duke. While the Blue Devils are best known for what goes on in Cameron Indoor Stadium, athletes of all sports describe feeling supported in their pursuits by the university and student body at large. And if you’re not a world-class athlete, don’t worry–there’s still something pretty magical about working all night in Perkins, the undergraduate library, knowing that you sit among both future CEOs and first-round NBA draft picks.

What is the campus culture like at Duke?

Duke is decades or even centuries younger than many of its peer institutions, a reality that contributes to an overall sense of vitality and innovation. While administrators and faculty members respect Duke’s robust traditions, the school is more focused on paving its own way and rethinking what it means to receive an elite college education in the 21st century. While students may occasionally moan after receiving the latest email announcing yet another task force set to investigate an aspect of university life, the overall effect is that Duke is an incredibly exciting, dynamic place to live and study. Blue Devils as a group are scrappy, constantly looking forward and thinking about the world not as it is but as it might be.