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Ivy League Athletic Recruiting

If you’re looking for information on how to be recruited by an Ivy League athletics program or that of another elite academic institution, you’ve come to the right place. At Command Education, we believe in the power of information and want all those interested in learning about the complex world of athletic recruiting to have their questions answered.

Command Athletics®

Command Athletics® is a specialized program at Command Education, designed by former student-athletes at top universities, to offer individualized assistance to high…

Ivy League Athletics

We know how mystifying the recruitment process can be because many of our mentors once went through it themselves.

Baseball Recruitment

Most coaches look to have their recruiting class finalized in the summer before senior year, but top programs often fill all of their open roster spots well before this!

Fencing Recruitment

The more you understand fencing, the more you will enjoy it. This particularly applies to the novice for, like all highly skilled games…

Field Hockey Recruitment

Field Hockey is a small community, so coaches commonly contact high school and club coaches as references.

Golf Recruitment

Keep your grades up—as a non-money-making sport, golf coaches are especially concerned with recruiting academically minded athletes.

Lacrosse Recruitment

Above all else, the goal of lacrosse is to have fun, regardless of players’ level of skill-youth, high school, collegiate, or international.

Rowing Recruitment

Rowing recruits compose less than half of college rowers; the majority get in entirely on their academic merit and walk on to the team

Soccer Recruitment

Coaches like to watch recruits at club tournaments and showcases, so playing for a top-tier club and attending events is a must if you want to play college soccer.

Squash Recruitment

You will need to be at or very close to the academic threshold to be admitted and play squash in college. Grades come first!

Tennis Recruitment

Train with the highest-level coaches available to you. In tennis, there are a small number of programs that develop a huge number of college players.