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Each roadmap and plan is highly individualized for every student we work with. This includes skill level and interest and thus varies greatly depending on the student’s age. Students who are proactive about starting in middle school or early in high school have more time to identify their interests — as demonstrated by Samantha, in our case study below.

Samantha Klein

Stanford University

“My mentor showed me that I am capable of so much more than I realized. I feel confident that I can put my skills to use and make a difference on the Stanford campus this fall.”
– Samantha Klein

  • Public High School

    Samantha attended a large, public high school.

  • Science & Sustainability

    Samantha’s passions included marine biology and environmental activism.

  • Passion Project: Environmental Activism

    Samantha’s Passion Project included “adopt-a-beach” initiative that grew to include several schools.

  • ACT: Increased from a 31 to a 35

    Samantha increased her ACT score from a 31 to 35.

Samantha’s Story

Samantha was a freshman attending a public school in Los Angeles when she began working with Command Education. She was interested in marine biology and environmental activism—and firmly believed that every person could make a difference.

With the guidance of her mentor at Command Education, Samantha started an “adopt-a-beach” program at her high school, through which she regularly hosted local beach cleanups. Samantha promoted her straightforward idea on social media and at local businesses. Meanwhile, her mentor provided support as she collaborated with other students to launch the program at other high schools throughout L.A.. By the end of her junior year, Samantha had successfully helped 9 other high schools implement the “adopt-a-beach” initiative. Proud of the hard work they’d all accomplished together, she hosted an annual “Fun In the Sun” party, which was sponsored by local beachfront restaurants.

Samantha was recognized by her high school and her county for her hard work. Academically, Samantha continued to focus on STEM courses and took as many science classes as possible at her high school. She also spent her summers completing environmental activism work in Northern California with a professor from UCLA, during which she learned the basic tenets of sustainable activism. She worked with a Command Education tutor to improve her ACT score from a 31 to a 35 the summer before her senior year.

Samantha gained admission to Stanford University to study Environmental Science and Public Policy.

Why Command Education

Command Education provides comprehensive, personalized mentorship to help students achieve their collegiate goals. The Command Education approach goes beyond the college admissions process to incubate student’s passions and take their interests to the next level, preparing them to not only get into their dream school, but thrive in college and beyond.

Our students aren’t just class presidents — they are award-winning nonprofit founders, community organizers, political activists, and entrepreneurs.


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