Command Education Group
Survey Data

Command Education focuses on providing the highest quality high school mentoring to guide students find their passions, tell their stories, and work on meaningful projects that will help them identify lifelong pursuits and stand out in the college application process.

Mentor Satisfaction

Because our team is near peer in age, 96% of our students can personally relate to their mentors.


100% of students feel their mentors have helped improved their writing skills.


89% of students feel their mentors have helped them develop a meaningful extracurricular activity plan


100% of students feel their mentors have helped have helped them feel pride in their accomplishments.


100% feel their mentors have helped them pursue their passions.


Why are students excited to work with Command Education?

Students seek our advice to understand the best way to tackle the college application process, learn more about scholarship and award opportunities, and plan the best course to pursue their passions.

The College Application Experience

100% of juniors feel more confident about their college application chances working with a CEG mentor.


88% of students working with a CEG mentor say they feel their parents now feel more confident about the college application process.


66% of students also feel like they communicate more with their parents about academics since working with a CEG mentor.


Our students reported an 80% drop in anxiety after as few as four sessions of working with our mentors.

Notable Quotes from Survey:

“I feel less stressed for my future and more focused/driven.” — Junior from NY

“I feel less alone and more guided in this complex college application process.” — Junior from NJ

“I feel like I have had a better understanding of the path I am taking now that I have someone to discuss it with other than my parents. I have also been more motivated to work to my full potential in extracurriculars.” — Freshman

“She helps me so much. I feel smarter and more prepared.” — Junior

“I feel like my mentor is helping me develop writing skills and building my confidence. I also feel a lot comfortable managing everything and being able to ask my mentor for advice.” — Sophomore