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How to Write the Georgia Institute Supplemental Essay

Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech? *0/300 words

Think deeply about the story behind why you’ve chosen your intended major—was it because of an enchanting television show you binged as a kid? A conversation you had during an internship? An eye-opening life crisis that you only now understand in retrospect? Tell that story, and show how you’ve taken actionable steps to engage in the field throughout your high school career. Feel free to keep this part brief, since what the prompt’s really asking for is how that story might continue specifically at Georgia Tech.

What are the resources, centers, curricular quirks, extracurricular and research opportunities there that will help? Think of Georgia Tech as the place to fulfill your collegiate goals and the necessary next step on your journey to reach your post-college goals.

Lastly, since this is Georgia Tech’s only supplemental essay, it’s important to showcase how you might contribute to the relevant department’s/school’s goals. Do you have particular research interests that overlap with a professor’s current work at the Center for the Origin of Life? Have you worked on a humanities project that just might further the aims of the Design and Social Justice Studio? Inasmuch as you want to show Georgia Tech how much they can help you, you’ll want to show how much you can help Georgia Tech.