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Yale graduate, 22, promises to get teenagers into Ivy League schools by charging $950 an hour as their life coach

Emily Crane | November 12, 2017

A recent Yale graduate is helping teenagers get into Ivy League schools by charging up to $950 an hour as their life coach.

Christopher Rim, 22, has been making a living tutoring high school students on how they can becoming more appealing to admissions departments at places like Harvard and Yale.

His company Command Education, which he set up while he was a sophomore at Yale two years ago, charges parents between $750 to $950 per hour.

In an interview with the New York Post, Rim said he doesn’t focus on SAT tutoring but helps students gain life experience to make them more ‘interesting’ to the Ivy League schools.

‘Schools like Yale, they could pick everyone with 4.0s and perfect SAT scores and they could fill an entire class 10 times over… But you’re not going to have interesting people on campus,’ Rim said.

Rim, who is one of the youth advisory board members on Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Foundation, was inspired by his own experiences getting into Yale, which he graduated from this year with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

With a GPA of 3.8, his guidance counselor at his New Jersey high school told him not to bother wasting his time applying to Ivy League institutions.

His company now has 18 counselors who are currently mentoring about 50 students across the US. Rim personally mentors eight of those teenagers.

He said his company has helped 32 students get into Ivy League schools.

Starting non-profits, getting internships and writing stand-out essays are among the things Rim says he does to help the high school students stand out.


Mail Online

Originally published on Daily Mail on November 12, 2017.

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