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Scoring well on a subject test is one of the best ways of demonstrating academic expertise in a particular subject area. Most colleges require two subject tests, but students should have at least three subject test scores to submit in order to be competitive candidates. Our tutors work with students to evaluate which subject tests they should challenge. Tutors will prepare students for SAT II Subject Tests through private one-on-one guidance.

An important component to scoring well on SAT II Subject Tests is recognizing the difference between AP, IB and SAT II curriculums and studying accordingly. Our tutors work closely with students, teaching them material that they may not have been taught in their school curriculums in order to ensure that students are completely prepared for their subject tests. AP curriculums and exams are broader in the concepts they cover. Students can earn partial or complete credit on written-responses, allowing for the demonstration of various knowledge. Contrastingly, SAT II Subject Tests are shorter exams completed on a scantron, and test factually based knowledge. Our tutors help students study strategically for subject tests to demonstrate expertise to colleges.

Private SAT/ACT tutoring

Unique Study Plans Tailored for Individual Students

At Command, we have a unique approach to tutoring. We believe that effective tutoring is not about repetition or practice, but about teaching students according to their individual needs. There’s more to scoring well on exams than simply understanding the material, and our tutors are experts in teaching our students how to avoid the tricks and build strategies to help them individually succeed.

All of our tutors are trained in emotional intelligence (EQ), and use their skills to tailor student-specific teaching methods. We begin our tutoring packages with multiple assessments, starting with an in-depth diagnostic test and performing further assessments as needed. We assess each student’s skills, knowledge, abilities and learning styles, and use this information to discern which tutors are the best fit for your student. Rather than having a student work with one tutor, we pair students and tutors together to work on specific sections or exams.

We understand that every student has different learning and studying styles, so this method allows us to create a customized teaching plan that evolves over time.

While there are numerous methods for tackling each section in standardized tests, not every method works for everyone. Our tutors prioritize efficiency, creating schedules that align with students’ school schedules. This allows us to plan ahead and account for exam or project heavy weeks and to help meet each student’s needs efficiently and accurately!

Our Approach

SAT Subject Test Math IIC – Sample Tutoring Results

Diagnostic Final % increase Hours tutored
520 780 50.00% 20 hours
540 740 37.04% 12 hours
590 790 33.90% 20 hours
420 760 80.95% 10 hours
500 780 56.00% 22 hours

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