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Homeschooling and Enrichment

The Benefits of Homeschooling

While many students thrive in schools with traditional curricula, others fare better with alternative curriculums and education systems, including homeschooling. These students may struggle with the pace of traditional schools, as it may be either too rigorous or not rigorous enough. Homeschooling is a much more flexible, customized solution for those students, allowing them to thrive in areas outside the traditional academic curriculums, learn soft skills and focus on their own passions. In the United States, colleges and universities are welcoming the increasing number of homeschooled students. Even though homeschooling is highly individualized, there are many available resources for best homeschooling practices that all families can learn from. Command Education has partnered with Novel Education, a premier provider of customized homeschooling services for students in grades K-12.

Novel Education provides elite, all-inclusive homeschooling programs for students of all ages and grade levels (K-12). Each curriculum is personally designed for each student. Whether students are enrolled in homeschool full-time or attend traditional local school or private boarding school, they can benefit from homeschooling. Homeschooling can come in many different forms, from online or in person instruction, to supplementary classes that fill in the gaps left by traditional curriculums. The full-service accredited program is a comprehensive schooling experience, encompassing course selection, extracurriculars, enrichment programs and includes all teachers, classes, planning, materials. Novel additionally provides U.S. accredited supplementary courses to help cultivate students’ interests, which they can continue to pursue in college and beyond. Stand alone supplementary courses can include AP & Honors-level courses in subjects that a student’s high school may not offer during the school year.


A homeschool program tailored to your student’s needs has the benefit of extreme flexibility. Since students can learn both remotely and in person, homeschooling is a sensible option for families who travel or move frequently for work. Additionally, students can create their own schedules. Doing so not only teaches them invaluable skills of time-management and responsibility, but also ensures that they are working at times when their mind is most active and in the best state to receive and retain information. Because the curriculum is tailored to your student’s strengths and weaknesses, there is no need to spend seven hours straight studying. They can allot their time wisely so that they spend more time on challenging subjects or on coursework they are passionate about, rather than studying all day long at a pace that isn’t right for them. Unlike in a traditional education environment in which extracurriculars must take the back seat, homeschool programs allow students to create their curriculums and schedules according to other obligations as well. If they choose to devote more time to cultivating musical, artistic, or athletic skills, they can adjust their academic schedule accordingly. Curriculums can vary in intensity over the course of the year, depending on parent and family travel plans and student SAT testing, internship, and study abroad schedules.


Novel Education courses range from core subjects to electives, ranging from AP Calculus & Honors Economics to oil painting, guitar, culinary courses, and film studies. Whether students want to add weight to their graduating GPA, get ahead, or learn more about a particular subject, supplementary courses set students apart. These can be taken over summer or during the school year.

Specializing your student’s education plan can help them to develop their hook, or their passion, and devote as much time as they need their related passion project. As college admissions becomes increasingly competitive, devoting time to a passion project can help students stand out among their peers. Balancing school with this project through homeschooling can be an effective way for students to accomplish their goals.


In Command’s Passion Project Curriculum, students create a project that will set them apart in college admissions. Under the guidance of our senior mentors, all of whom are graduates of Ivy League and other top tier universities, students will identify the intersection between their interests, talents, and hobbies and design a project that will unite the three. Throughout the course, students will develop valuable leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will last them a lifetime.

Novel’s Specialized Enrichment Programs are concentrated 8-week programs tailored within a specific discipline that fit your student’s goals. Enrichment Programs can be skill-specific (e.g. time management, study strategies, leadership & entrepreneurship) or subject specific (financial literacy, graphic design, music theory). Students can enroll in enrichment programs over the summer when they have more free time, or as a stand alone programming during the school year.

Whether students need one additional class, or a holistic and all encompassing alternative curriculum, homeschooling may be the right choice for them. Command Education’s partnership with Novel Education brings all of these options to you and your student in the most beneficial manner for them.

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