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Decision Results 2022-2023 Pinboard

Dec 19, 2022

After weeks of waiting, the Class of 2027 acceptance rates for Early Action and Early Decision are finally rolling in! As colleges and universities release their data, Command Education has you covered with live updates. All of the information in the following table has been sourced directly from each school’s official, published data to ensure accuracy. The table tracks the date that students can expect to hear back from the school as well as the number of applications received, the number accepted, and the percentage of acceptance (if the school releases this data).

Keep refreshing this page for updates as we continue to publish real-time results!

2022 Early Decision Data

Last Updated: January 19, 2023 at 2:11 EST

School Name Decision Date # Apps Received # of Accepted % of Acceptance
University of Georgia (EA)November 18th26,0018,25331.74%
Georgia Tech (EA) [in-state applicants only]December 9th6,4372,57740%
Williams (ED)December 9th94325527%
Emory ED IDecember 14th2,41490337%
Harvard (EA)December 15th9,5537228%
WashU (ED)December 13th2,00070035%
Yale (SCEA)December 15th7,74477610%
Dartmouth (ED) December 16th 3,00957819%
MIT (EA)December 17th11,9246856%
Duke (ED)December 17th4,85580016%
Notre Dame (REA)December 16th11,1631,70115%
UVA (ED)December 13th4,2431,03825%
Columbia (ED)December 15th5,738TBATBA
UPenn (ED)December 15th>8,000TBATBA
Clemson University (EA)December 1stTBATBATBA
Tulane University (ED)December 1stTBATBATBA
Grinnell College (ED)December 2ndTBA1700TBA
Case Western Reserve University (ED)December 5thTBATBATBA
Boston College (ED)December 6thTBATBATBA
Northeastern (ED)December 8thTBATBATBA
Skidmore (ED)December 8thTBATBATBA
Harvey Mudd (ED)December 8thTBATBATBA
Ohio State (EA - 1st Wave)December 9thTBATBATBA
Virginia Tech (ED)December 9thTBATBATBA
Amherst (ED)December 9th734TBATBA
Bowdoin (ED)December 9thTBATBATBA
Haverford (ED)December 9thTBATBATBA
Bates (ED)December 10thTBATBATBA
Middlebury College (ED)December 10thTBATBATBA
Wellesley (ED)December 10thTBATBATBA
Caltech (REA)December 10thTBATBATBA
Wesleyan (ED)December 10thTBATBATBA
Swarthmore (ED)December 13thTBATBATBA
Tufts (ED)December 13thTBATBATBA
Barnard (ED)December 14th1,671TBATBA
Rice (ED)December 14thTBATBATBA
George Washington (ED)December 15thTBATBATBA
American (ED)December 15thTBATBATBA
Cornell (ED)December 15thTBATBATBA
Johns Hopkins (ED)December 16th270053320%
Brown (ED)December 20th at 7pm EST6,77087913%
University of Southern California (EA)January 20th40,6002,4005.9%%

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