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Command Creative®

Command Creative® is a specialized program at Command Education, designed by counselors with years of experience in the publishing and creative writing industries, offering high school students help in creative writing endeavors, with the end goal of making them better creative writers and helping this be a pillar of their college applications — whether they’re applying for creative writing programs or just planning on pursuing it as a career path in some other way.

Command Creative offers guidance and individualized assistance to high school students interested in fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, or creative non-fiction. Our program is catered to each specific student’s needs, from help developing ideas and editing portfolios, to writing query letters and applying for jobs in the industry of their choice, to getting published and winning competitions.

Our ultimate goal is to improve applicants’ creative discipline, abilities, and emotional intelligence — to turn them into dedicated writers with a body of work they can be proud of.

Program components:

Writing Help

We provide a knowledgeable and experienced editing service dealing with all aspects of creative writing. Whether you’re a poet or a playwright, a screenwriter or a non-fiction essay writer, we can provide specialized genre help from someone experienced in that field. One of the most important things for beginning writers is getting their work read by someone they trust, and we can be the impartial third parties who offer thoughtful, personalized feedback with an eye for both personal style and general accessibility.

Submission and Portfolio Prep

There are many sites out there to publish work. Which is more desirable? Which is a better fit for the student’s writing? What are they looking for, and how do they make themself the best candidate to get published? We help students wade through this information and find the websites and magazines that are right for them. Even once you’ve found a place to submit, it can be difficult to know how to format query letters, how to format manuscripts or stories, who to email, what kinds of things to include on your resume, and so on. How do you go from just another high schooler who got published to ‘Local Teen Gets Published?’ Whether it’s putting together a portfolio or reaching out to make media inquiries, we can help the students gain recognition for their writing projects, and make all that work visible and worthwhile.

Industry Experience

It’s an oft-repeated adage in the creative industry that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Jobs and internships in creative fields are vital for success, but they’re also increasingly competitive and hard to come by. We offer help finding and applying to these opportunities, whether they’re looking to demonstrate interest and experience in a given field for colleges, or just make more connections and work in the industry they’re passionate about.


  • Specialized multidisciplinary curriculum for developing emotional intelligence
  • Find Your Hook™ Workshop
  • College Application Booster® Camp
  • Extracurricular development including leadership and nonprofits
  • Standardized testing timeline and course selection
  • Assistance with applications for contests and awards

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