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Over the past 5 years, 94% of our students were accepted to one of their top three school choices.

Including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Stanford, MIT, and more.

It’s not only grades and test scores.

Command Education offers the guidance students need and the peace of mind that parents seek.

When students are empowered to develop and showcase their passions, they stand out against thousands of other applicants and earn acceptance to their dream schools.

Command Education Guides Students To:


Create a strategic plan based on their goals—starting 9th grade or earlier


Navigate the admissions process from beginning to end with unlimited, 24/7 support


Identify their passions and launch an impressive passion project


Polish and exhibit their independent research, community outreach initiatives, or entrepreneurial activity


Tailor their extracurricular activities, internships, and summer opportunities around a compelling hook


Craft eye-catching essays through tactical brainstorming and editing


Achieve their goal SAT or ACT score through tutoring and test-taking support


Obtain exceptional letters of recommendation that highlight their strengths


Develop life skills, interests, and personal goals through near-peer mentorship


Earn acceptance to the school of their dreams and thrive when they arrive on campus

“a national leader in education and college consulting” – NY POST

Command Education in the News

Parents Are Hiring Pricey Consultants to Help Kids Get Into College

March 19, 2024 | The Today Show
Command Education Founder and CEO, Christopher Rim, on the Today Show.


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Why Command Education

The road to college begins way before senior year. Students who have a dream school in mind need to carefully plan their extracurriculars, classes, and leadership opportunities as early as middle school to make sure they are poised for their desired outcome. Choosing the best college admissions consultant is every family’s most important decision.

As an independent college consultant firm, Command Education offers the guidance students need and the peace of mind that parents seek.

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Family testimonials

We’ve helped families like yours.

"Ella was taken off the waitlist and offered acceptance to Yale today! Not sure what we are going to do but thank you SO very much!! You and your company truly made this possible!"

Parent of Ella L., Yale

"From guiding on her passion project, helping with essays, advice on the activity list, keeping us on track and providing your expertise on everything in between. There are too many amazing things to list. You are dedicated to your students and the success in her acceptance clearly showcases that! I want you to know you do amazing work and it was much appreciated. We are so over the moon with Cornell."

Parents of Rebecca H.

"THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am so thrilled to have been accepted to all of my reach schools. Thank you for your expertise and knowledge in helping me craft the perfect essay. I can’t begin to appreciate how grateful I am for your help."

Daniel K.
Harvard College