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Finding Our Students’ Mentor Match: Your Questions, Answered!

Feb 1, 2023

Command Education is dedicated to empowering students to achieve their academic and personal goals through one-on-one mentorship from our expert team. Our mentors are more than just college admissions consultants—they work closely with students to help them discover their passions, enhance their skills, and earn admission to the college that is the right fit for them. But how do we match students with a mentor that they will connect with? What do we look for when pairing a student with a particular mentor?

Below, Ali Mantell, Command’s VP of Enrollment, provides answers to all of your questions about how we match students to the perfect mentor for them—and why mentorship is so meaningful to our students!

Ali Mantell - VP of Enrollment

How do students and families get started with Command? What can they expect from the process of being paired with a mentor?

Ali Mantell: “When a student initially enrolls with Command, both the student and their parents receive questionnaires that allow our team to get to know them better. The comprehensive questionnaires ask the student to describe their interests, goals, academic background, and personality, and the parents to provide background on their family, their student’s personality and values, and their typical schedule—among other topics. After the questionnaires are returned to us, we schedule a call with the student and parents to review the information and continue to get a more personal understanding of who the student is. From there, members of the Command sales team, mentoring leadership, and the executive team work together to assign the mentor who will be the best fit for the student’s personality and needs.”

Ali Mantell - VP of Enrollment

What factors are considered when pairing a student with their mentor?

Ali Mantell: “In the mentor matching process, consistent with Command’s overall approach to college admissions, we regard students as holistic people and customize the process to each student’s unique needs; so, we try to take all aspects of a student’s personality, goals, and values into account as we consider which mentor would be the best match for them. At the same time, a student’s personality is uniquely important when choosing a mentor—students’ goals and interests may change and develop throughout the process of working with Command, but their personality and core values will stay the same. By pairing the student with a mentor that will connect with their personality, we strive to ensure that the relationship that the mentor develops with the student will be a steady support throughout their high school career, even as some of their other circumstances may evolve over time.

We also consider the mentor’s availability—Command ensures that mentors have ample time to devote to each of their students by limiting each mentor to 2-3 students in each grade level.”

Ali Mantell - VP of Enrollment

What backgrounds and qualifications do Command’s mentors have?

Ali Mantell: “Our near-peer mentors are all Ivy-League graduates with undergraduate or advanced degrees in an array of academic disciplines from Astrophysics to Creative Writing and Political Science. Whether a former distinguished fellows at prestigious universities, professional athlete, or seasoned educator, each mentor brings a diversity of expertise and a depth of knowledge about the ever-changing world of college admissions and how to help students stand out against thousands of other applicants. Our near-peer model is designed to provide students with a trusted and relatable mentor who is familiar with what elite schools are looking for now.”

Ali Mantell - VP of Enrollment

What makes Command’s approach to mentoring unique?

Ali Mantell: “First and foremost, our mentors provide truly personalized, one-on-one support for students—this means that students can expect consistency, clarity, and reliability in the guidance they receive. At the same time, as a boutique firm, our mentors have the benefit of an entire team for support and frequently collaborate with one another to utilize every team member’s strengths to meet our students’ needs. So, while students will never be passed around to other team members throughout the process, they can rest assured that their mentor has a host of resources to ensure that the student benefits from the highest caliber of advice and expertise.”

Ali Mantell - VP of Enrollment

What kind of feedback do you get from students and families when they have found their “right match”?

Ali Mantell: “We routinely hear parents say things like, “I have never seen my son/daughter so excited about their work” or that their mentor “can connect with my son/daughter in a way that I’ve never been able to.” The most consistent feedback we receive is that our mentors ignite students’ passions; the joy students find in discovering what they love is palpable to those around them. Beyond helping students fill out activities lists and edit college essays, Command’s mentors help students set a course for their future and find their purpose. Reaching the end point of admission to their dream school is incredibly important, but families often express that the journey through which mentors guide students to reach their goals is as valuable as the ultimate destination.”

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