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You Can Now Apply to Berkeley Haas as a Freshman

Sep 9, 2022

Berkeley has expanded the Haas business program from two to four years. Rather than requiring students to apply to the undergraduate program as sophomores and enroll as juniors, the school will now permit undergraduates to apply directly to the Spieker Undergraduate Program as freshmen.

According to the official UC Berkeley Haas website, the Early Access Admission Process (EAAP) will allow freshmen to apply to the business major for this fall 2023 cycle only, and will admit students starting in Fall 2024. Since fewer spots will be available in the Continuing program for 2024, the EAAP will provide a great opportunity to get a head start. Emma Hayes Daftary, the assistant dean of undergraduate programs at Haas, said that this change will allow students to focus on school rather than devoting time to “a very competitive application process halfway through their college experience.”

To apply as a freshman, Hass will have basic requirements including earning a 4 or a 5 in AP Micro- or Macroeconomics and a grade of C- or higher in Principles of Business, Introduction to Economics, and Statistics by the end of Summer 2023.

But don’t worry, your first year will not be the only time you can apply, according to Berkeley’s FAQ, the program has a one-time exception for reapplying. So if Berkeley’s world-renowned business program is at the top of your college list, make sure to take advantage of this one-time opportunity!

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