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Understanding this Moment in Higher Education: Christopher Rim’s Most-Read Forbes Pieces

Aug 24, 2023

Originally published on Linkedin.

The landscape of higher education has undergone seismic shifts in the last three years. The impact of a global pandemic, national economic instability, historic Supreme Court rulings, and advances in AI technologies have brought about significant changes within Ivy League and other top schools—and, as a result, the process that students must go through in order to earn acceptance at these elite universities.

Since 2016, Command Education has been at the forefront of college admissions consulting, helping students to understand and adapt to changes in the admissions process—both big and small—and earn a coveted spot at their dream schools. Amidst the rapid changes of the last few years, the collective expertise of our team of recent Ivy League graduates has ensured that students and families understand what Ivy League and top schools are looking for in applicants. The Command Education philosophy of equipping students to mobilize their passions in service of their communities continues to provide students with a competitive edge, despite the precipitously declining admissions rates at top schools.

Command Education Founder and CEO Christopher Rim has covered the intricacies of college admissions trends and developments in Forbes since 2019. From supplying parents with insider expertise to assist their children through the application process to breaking down how the Supreme Court’s ruling may impact this year’s applicants, Rim’s viral stories provide forward-thinking insights into the ever-changing world of elite college admissions.

If you want to better understand this moment in higher education, here are five of Christopher Rim’s most-read Forbes articles to bring you up to speed:

1. 5 High School Decisions That Can Increase Your Chances Of Admission To The Ivy League

What are top colleges looking for in a “holistic” review process? And how can you help your student stand out against thousands of other applicants? This article provides five key tips to help parents and students navigate the college admissions process with a strategic and proactive approach.

2. The End Of The Student Loan Payment Pause Will Have Large-Scale Impact

Whether your child is considering student loans or not, Rim demonstrates that the end of the student loan payment pause may have far-reaching impacts on the economy, and thus, you. Rim also notes that shifts in student loan payments continue to influence financial aid and other policies at competitive universities.

3. Can Artificial Intelligence Crack College Admissions?

ChatGPT’s groundbreaking technology o took the education world by storm. In the article, Rim considers the consequences of AI technology for the college admissions process. Will new frontiers in technology reshape admissions requirements? Can your student use ChatGPT to level up their admissions essay? Rim offers answers to your most pressing questions.

4. What Elon Musk Gets Right About Anti-Asian Bias In Elite College Admissions

After an Elon Musk tweet sent the internet ablaze with debates about anti-Asian bias in college admissions, Rim weighed in with observations and anecdotes from his own experience as an unlikely Yale admit and a seasoned college consultant.

5. Early Admissions Data Reveals Record-Breaking Cycle For Top Schools

The last three years have seen historic lows in admissions rates and ever-swelling applicant pools at top schools. Before your student presses “submit” on their EA or ED applications this semester, check out this article looking back at trends in admissions data from the last cycle!

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