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Command Education

Summer Project Starter


Passion projects highlight students’ core passions and skills, setting them apart from their peers in the college admissions process. Give your student weekly remote 1-on-1 passion project mentorship this summer to kickstart their project ahead of the school year.

Make the most of this summer!


Projects that are authentic, impactful, and impressive.

All too many students create projects they think will “look good” on their college applications. At Command Education, we know that authentic passion is key— not only will students feel genuine motivation to pursue their passions, but their enthusiasm will be naturally reflected in the endeavors they pursue.

Command Education’s expert Senior Mentors guide students from start to scale by:

Identifying students’ core interests and passions

Pinpointing a need within the student’s local community

Brainstorming actionable solutions tailored to students’ strengths

Designing marketing collateral with our in-house marketing team

Delineating a plan to scale growth over time

Securing partnerships with local organizations or researchers

Acquiring press opportunities to publicize impact, when applicable

Strategizing narrative to showcase accomplishments on applications

Unique applicants have unique passion projects.

All projects are aligned with students unique passions and interests and tailored to their strengths. Our unlimited guidance, project expertise, and in-house marketing team empower students to expand their skills and develop impactful projects.

Here are just some of the projects that students who work with Command Education have launched:

  • Raised funds to equip local communities in need of sports equipment, musical instruments, clothing, and feminine care products
  • Published books, poetry, blogs, zines, and creative writing
  • Founded clubs, community initiatives, and small businesses
  • Developed their own apps and websites

Make the most of this summer!

The summer is the perfect time to start a project! With fewer academic pressures and extracurricular obligations, students can focus on project development. Connect with Command Education for a complimentary consultation and explore how we can empower your student to kickstart their unique project this summer, laying the foundation for ongoing support that helps them stand out when it comes time to apply to college.

Make the most of this summer!