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Stanford’s Class of 2025 Breaks Admissions Records

Oct 28, 2021

According to The Stanford Daily, Stanford’s admit rate dropped to a record low of 3.95%. Last year’s admit rate was 5.19%. The school received 55,471 applications, the most they have ever received, and 2,190 of those students received offers of admission.

Stanford’s Class of 2025 is also the largest undergraduate class in the school’s history. 1,757 students accepted their offers of admission and 369 students accepted offers last year but chose to take gap years. Combined, these numbers form the record-breaking largest class of 2,126 students. The class’ yield rate, or the percent of students who choose to enroll in a school after being admitted, is 80%. This yield is comparable to the Ivy League Schools, as Harvard’s yield was 85% this year.

Stanford University expected this year’s class to be the biggest in history due to the number of students who elected to take a gap year last year. Many other institutions similarly have record high class sizes this year due to student deferrals from last year and record breaking numbers of applications. Harvard has a record high class size of 1,962 students this year. The university had 349 deferrals and received 57,435 applications. The university also had a record low admit rate of 3.43%. Similarly, Yale’s Class of 2025 is the highest yet at 1,789 students, including 335 students who deferred.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get into college every year. Universities are receiving record numbers of applications, and admit rates are dropping to new lows as a result. So, it is more important than ever to make your applications stand out. Check out some of Command Education’s helpful resources on writing a captivating personal statement and strong supplements.

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