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How to Write the New York University Supplemental Essays

NYU was founded on the belief that a student’s identity should not dictate the ability for them to access higher education. That sense of opportunity for all students, of all backgrounds, remains a part of who we are today and a critical part of what makes us a world class university. Our community embraces diversity, in all its forms, as a cornerstone of the NYU experience.

We would like to better understand how your experiences would help us to shape and grow our diverse community. Please respond in 250 words or less.

New York University is deeply committed to both diversity and global perspectives—not only does the university have campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, but it also enrolls one of the largest percentages of international students of any U.S. college. Twenty-two percent of the student body hails from outside of the U.S., and the student community represents 138 countries collectively (in addition to all 50 states in the U.S.).

With this in mind, use this prompt to showcase your own global perspective and demonstrate how your unique identity would be an important addition to the fabric of the NYU student body. In order to accomplish this, first consider some foundational aspects of your identity—this could include a difference in physical ability, your sexuality, racial or ethnic identity, religion, or socioeconomic or geographic background. What makes you you? As you consider this question, note that this essay should not repeat the information you include in your personal statement. Use this as a chance to enhance your application and paint an authentic, self-aware picture of who you are.

Once you have determined these defining elements of your identity, think about which of these elements has the most impact on how you view the world around you—how does that aspect of your identity influence the opinions you form, the way that you approach difficult situations, or the way you interact with others? Because this prompt is specifically oriented towards community, focus on the ways in which this aspect of your identity shapes your relationships with others, whether in your school, your sports teams or clubs, or your family and friends.

Having identified these defining experiences or traits and how they have historically informed your relationships with others, write about how these elements of your identity will be an asset to NYU. What value can you add to the university through these experiences and traits? This is your opportunity to let the school know how you will be a vital part of its diverse, global community!