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SAT and ACT Test Preparation

Command Education’s tutors have proven track records of helping students achieve their desired results. We’ve worked and earned impressive results with students of all ability levels, and have the most up-to-date information about standardized testing’s fast-changing landscape. Check out our resources to succeed in test prep below.

How Can I Get Extra Help With Schoolwork?

It may be that school work is more difficult or time-consuming than expected, the pace of a class is too fast, or that it’s hard to absorb the…

Do the top US colleges like the IB program?

If your school offers both AP and IB classes, it’s important to understand the difference between them in order to make the right choice.

How to Prepare for the SAT (ACT too)

No matter where you are in your high school career, you likely have questions about how to prepare for the SAT or the ACT. When exactly…


You can take the SAT/ACT as many times as you need to reach your goal score — keep in mind, though, that some colleges will ask you to send them all of your scores

The difference between the SSAT, PSAT and SAT

Starting in elementary school, students are faced with a deluge of seemingly never-ending standardized tests, from state…

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