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Harvard Bound: Strategies That Propel Students Past Admissions Hurdles

By Lucia Paula | Oct 26, 2023 at 07:20 am

In today’s highly competitive academic environment, having a flawless GPA and a perfect SAT score is no longer a surefire ticket to elite Ivy League universities like Harvard and Stanford. While these schools could easily fill their classes several times over with students possessing impeccable academic credentials, they’re looking for more than just grades.

More Than Just Academics

Increasingly, Ivy League colleges prioritize the creation of diverse, dynamic classes, prioritizing students who have made significant impacts in their communities, passionately pursued personal interests, and accrued valuable experiences through internships and jobs. For a student to truly shine in such a saturated pool of high achievers, it’s vital to begin honing and demonstrating their unique passions early in their high school journey.

Enter Command Education, founded by Yale graduate, Christopher Rim. Rim’s admission to Yale with a GPA of 3.7 to 3.8, relatively low for Ivy League standards, was a testament to the power of extracurriculars in setting a candidate apart.

“I just followed my passions and my interests,” Rim said, attributing his acceptance to his genuine story that struck a chord with the admissions officers. Among 18 applicants from his high school, Rim, who had the lowest grades among them, was the only one accepted into Yale.

Established in 2015, Command Education has become the sought-after service for families aiming for Ivy League admissions. Charging a hefty fee upwards of $1,500 an hour, Rim’s organization aids students from prestigious schools like Horace Mann and Trinity.

Rim emphasized, “The entire purpose of [Command Education] is to help students identify and develop their passions and interests. It has to be authentic and cannot be manufactured.”

Starting as early as seventh grade, Command Education guides students, ensuring that their passions and extracurricular activities genuinely reflect their personalities and are not mere additions to a resume. This early start is crucial since, as Rim noted, “you can’t go back in time,” and every year counts towards the college application process.

One of Command Education’s notable features is its personal touch. Each student is paired with a dedicated mentor, an Ivy League or top-tier college graduate, ensuring personalized guidance. This contrasts with many other college admissions services that Rim describes as “more of a checklist.”

Proof in the Results

The real question remains: Is Command Education effective? Given that every student who applied to Harvard in 2021 with the company’s assistance was accepted and over 90% were admitted to at least one of their top three choices, the answer seems clear.

Happy parents also vouch for Command Education’s efficacy. One mother remarked, “Chris and his team were the buffer my husband and I needed… I fully put my trust in Chris, and not only did [our son] Mark get into Wharton, but I think he totally saved our marriage!”

With its unparalleled mentorship and genuine approach to admissions, Rim is confident in Command Education’s distinct position in the market, stating that the company “doesn’t have competitors” and asserting that “no one works with students the way that [Command Education] does.”

Parent Herald

Originally published on the Parent Herald on Oct 26, 2023

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