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Yale graduate makes the Forbes 30 under 30 list by helping students get into Ivy League schools

From starting an anti-bullying group at 15 to guiding teens into elite universities, Christopher Rim has done a lot in his 23 years

Sophia Lam | Oct 19, 2018 10:04AM

He founded an anti-bullying organization  when he was 15, for which he received the President’s Lifetime Call to Service Volunteer Award from then US president Barack Obama. He served on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation dedicated to empowering youth.

Today, he earns US$1,500 an hour helping teenagers get into Ivy League and medical schools, and is listed on Forbes 30 under 30 2018, representing the education category. And, he is still only 23 years old.


South China Morning Post

Originally published in the South China Morning Post on Oct 19, 2018.

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