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Arun’s Path to Stanford

“I didn’t even know I had a passion when I started, but now I don’t just have a passion, I have a future I’m excited about.”
– Arun Sethi

With his Command Education Senior Mentor, Arun discovered a passion for science and nutrition. He turned that passion into a successful blog and an acceptance to Stanford University.

Debunking the Top 5 Myths About the College Application Process

From Our College Admission Experts

Myth #1: Test scores don’t matter anymore.

With the rise of test-optional policies at top schools, many assume that standardized test scores are no longer important—but nothing could be further from the truth. Ivy League schools are slowly beginning to reinstate their testing requirements, noting that test scores are indeed a good predictor of students’ potential for academic success at top institutions. In March, Brown, Dartmouth, and Yale reinstated their testing policies, and within the last month, Harvard followed suit. As stellar test scores again become a pillar of a strong Ivy League application, it is imperative for students to start studying and setting goals early so that they can maximize their chances of achieving their target score.

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Myth #2: You shouldn’t submit an application to a top school unless you have perfect grades and test scores.

A strong academic profile is the foundation for success in Ivy League admissions. However, many students assume that they should not apply to top schools unless they have a 4.0 and a 1600 SAT. Students should remember that grades and test scores are evaluated holistically alongside other elements of their applications. Demonstrating growth over time, a commitment to your passion, and aptitude in your intended area of study goes a long way in conveying the kind of student you would be on their campus.

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Myth #3: You don’t need to worry about the college admissions process until junior year.

Ivy League and other top schools are looking for students with demonstrated core passions that they have used in service of their communities—becoming such a student requires starting early. Students who work with Command Education start building their profiles as early as 7th grade, ensuring that they have ample time to identify their core passions, establish themselves as leaders in organizations and clubs that matter to them, and create a stand-out independent project that will distinguish them from thousands of other applicants.

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Myth #4: Colleges want to admit well-rounded students.

The days of the all-American applicant are long gone. Top colleges are now seeking to build well-rounded classes rather than admit well-rounded students. Instead of admitting thousands of students who can “do it all,” admissions committees want to identify students who are specialists in their area of interest and can contribute to a diverse incoming class—a budding oceanographer, an entrepreneur, a student with a longstanding passion for robotics, a computer programmer, a . Students should thus seek to showcase their demonstrated engagement with one core passion through extracurricular activities, summer programs, and course selection throughout their high school careers.

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Myth #5: Ivy League schools are harder to get into than ever before.

Ivy League acceptance rates have been plummeting in recent years—but this does not mean that these schools are harder to get into than in previous years. As Ivy League application pools swell to tens of thousands of applicants, there is more competition for coveted spots, but all applicants vying for these spots are not equally qualified. Thus, while acceptance rates may be dwindling, a highly qualified applicant faces roughly the same odds as they would have in years prior.

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