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Ivy League Acceptance Rates 2021-2022

Apr 4, 2022

Congratulations to all students who were accepted into Ivy League schools on ‘Ivy Day,’ Thursday, March 31st! Five of the eight Ivies have released their acceptance data for the 2021-2022 application cycle. Two of the institutions, Cornell and Princeton, will not be releasing any data this year.


Harvard announced its acceptance of 1,214 students to their regular decision round for the Class of 2026 on March 31st. With 740 students already accepted through Early Action in December, the acceptance rate for Harvard translates to a record low of 3.19%. The school also saw a drastic increase in applications by almost 7%, amounting to a total of 61,220 applications. 20.3% of the incoming class is reported to be first generation, and 54.2 percent of admits identify as female.


Yale’s acceptance rate for the Class of 2026 is 4.46%, a 0.16% drop from the previous year. Out of the 50,015 applicants who applied 2,234 students were accepted, of which 800 were accepted through Early Action. 81 students were admitted through QuestBridge in December, while 1,000 students were offered seats on the waitlist.


Dartmouth admitted 1,767 out of 28,336 applicants to their Class of 2026, amounting to an acceptance rate of 6.24%. 560 students of the 1,767 were accepted through early admissions and Questbridge, while the rest were accepted through regular decision this past Thursday. 15% of admitted applicants are international students, following the school’s announcement to apply the need-blind policy to international students.


Columbia University accepted 2,253 students to the Class of 2026. This number includes students admitted during Early Decision. The school received a total of 60,377 applications. The acceptance rate this year is 3.73%.


Last Thursday, The University of Pennsylvania released its admissions decisions for the Class of 2026. UPenn is aiming to have a class of 2,400 students, but the school has not yet published official data. It plans to release more demographic data once the class is solidified in May. UPenn received about 55,000 applications this year.


Brown University admitted 1,651 students out of 50,649 total applicants to the Class of 2026. These admitted students join the students accepted in December through Early Decision to make up an admitted class of 2,546. The school saw a record low acceptance rate this year of 5%.


Princeton has announced that they will not be publishing this year’s admission data: “We have now made the decision not to release admission data during the early action, regular decision and transfer admission cycles. Instead, we will publish an announcement later in 2022 that focuses on the enrolled students who will join Princeton as the Class of 2026. The University will continue to report aggregate data about the admission cycle each year in the Common Data Set and to the state and federal government.”


As reported by Forbes, Cornell will not be releasing “detailed admissions statistics” this year, similar to Princeton.

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