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February Resource Roundup

Feb 2, 2023

While the new semester brings exciting new possibilities and fresh starts, it can also usher in a host of additional questions and concerns for high school students. As seniors anxiously await college decisions, juniors are beginning to craft their college list and eagerly plan their college visits. Meanwhile, freshmen and sophomores are further exploring their interests, finding opportunities for leadership, and preparing for standardized testing. Regardless of where you find yourself in your high school career, we have all the information you need to set yourself up for success this semester!

Below is a curated list of resources addressing a variety of topics that may be on your mind at the start of this month. Whether you are looking for answers to your burning questions about the college application process, deciding how you want to spend your summer, or researching colleges that may be a good fit for you, we have a resource to meet your needs.

For Juniors, The College Application Process Starts Now!

Most often, freshmen start college in the fall, but several schools offer a later application deadline for enrollment in the spring semester. Research some of those colleges and see if any of them are a good fit for you.

How You Can Make the Most Of Your Summer

From summer jobs to internships, research opportunities, merit-based programs or summer classes, there are so many options for you to explore this summer—how do you know which is best for you? Read our guide to find out!

Build Your Perfect College List!

Command Education’s College List Generator and College List Guide can help you create a balanced college list, tailored to your interests and needs!

Considering Transferring? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Have you realized that your current school isn’t quite the right fit for you? If you are hoping to get a fresh start at a new institution this fall, it’s time to knock out your applications before the swiftly approaching deadlines!

Your Questions About College Lists—Answered

How do you know whether a school is a match for you? And how many reach schools should you apply to? We have all the answers!

Everything You Need to Know About College Interviews

While college admissions interviews can be intimidating, with the right preparation you can put your best foot forward and boost your chances of acceptance!

Waiting For a College Decision? Here’s What You Can Do Now!

Anticipating a decision on your college application can feel agonizing, but there are things you can do in the meantime to be productive, bolster your chances of success, and manage your nerves.

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