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Over the past 5 years, 94% of our students were accepted to one of their top three school choices.

Including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Stanford, MIT, and more.

“a national leader in education and college consulting” – NY POST

The Command Education Advantage

Command Education offers the guidance students need and the peace of mind that parents seek.
We empower students to develop their passions and stand out against thousands of applicants.

Personalized Roadmap

Customized plan, helping students visualize their journey to college success.

Unlimited 1:1 Near-Peer Mentorship

Expert, Ivy-League graduates paired with each student to navigate them through the admissions process.

Comprehensive Application Support

Individualized guidance on all aspects of college applications, from activities lists to letters of recommendation and supplemental essays.

Passion Project Development

Unique, independent project that demonstrates a student’s interests, skills and leadership abilities to admissions committees.

Extracurriculars, Internships & Research Opportunities

Activities tailored to a student’s hook that enrich their learning and demonstrate their sustained interest in their specific field.

Priority Access to Our Specialty Tutors

Supplemental SAT/ ACT tutoring from expert tutors to help your student reach their goal score.

Emotionally Intelligent Approach

Support for students’ development of life skills, interests, and personal goals.

In-House Marketing and Web Design

Resident experts helping students exhibit their independent research, community outreach initiatives, or entrepreneurial activity.

Arun Sethi

Stanford University

“I didn’t even know I had a passion when I started, but now I don’t just have a passion, I have a future I’m excited about.”
– Arun Sethi

  • Private High School

    Arun attended a private high school.

  • Struggled to identify a passion

    Arun struggled to identify a passion or focus.

  • Passion Project: Blog

    Arun’s passion project was a focused Blog.

  • ACT: Increased from a 31 to a 34

    Arun increased his ACT score from a 31 to a 34.

Arun’s Story

Arun started working with Command Education as a freshman attending a private school outside of Philadelphia. He was broadly interested in creative writing, sports, and medicine. Despite being a top student with a 4.0 GPA, he struggled with his confidence and decision-making abilities. While Arun dreamt of attending a top university, he struggled to develop a clear academic interest or passion.

Arun’s mentor emphasized the importance of honing in on one clear interest and using it to make an impact in his community. His mentor knew the first step towards identifying his passions would be exploring his options both in and out of the classroom, so he suggested that Arun apply to a writing program the summer after his freshman year of high school. He attended the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, and while he enjoyed learning about how to strengthen his writing abilities through different literary works, Arun ultimately decided that he was not passionate enough about literature and writing to pursue it in college.

After his AP Biology course sparked Arun’s interest during sophomore year, Arun’s mentor decided to find opportunities for him to delve deeper into his interest in the medical field. Arun completed a collegiate clinical internship program the following summer. Afterwards, he and his mentor decided that instead of pursuing a pre-med track in college, Arun would work towards combining his love of cooking, fitness, and science to become a nutritionist. His mentor helped him develop a blog where he posted recipes of low budget, healthy nutritious recipes. He also worked with a Command Education tutor to improve his ACT score from a 31 to a 34. Arun eventually applied to and was accepted at Stanford, where he will be majoring in Nutrition Sciences.

Why Command Education

Command Education provides comprehensive, personalized mentorship to help students achieve their collegiate goals. The Command Education approach goes beyond the college admissions process to incubate student’s passions and take their interests to the next level, preparing them to not only get into their dream school, but thrive in college and beyond.

Our students aren’t just class presidents — they are award-winning nonprofit founders, community organizers, political activists, and entrepreneurs.

“a national leader in education and college consulting” – NY POST

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