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Weehawken School District

2022-2023 Webinar Series

All webinars start at 6PM EST and are followed by an open Q&A session with a Senior Mentor from Command Education
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Thu. October 20, 2022

What Do Colleges Want?

  • Well-rounded students vs students with a hook
  • The building blocks: GPA and test scores
  • Clearly defined career interest and academic passions
  • Community impact
  • Activities and leadership
  • Rigorous courses and course selection
Thu. November 17, 2022

Selecting Meaningful Activities

  • School clubs – joining, starting, and leadership positions
  • Sports, arts, writing, entertainment-related activities
  • Volunteering and picking a mission that matters to you
  • Part time and seasonal jobs
  • Internships and research opportunities
  • Basic intro to passion projects
Thu. December 15, 2022

What’s a Passion Project Anyway?

  • Selecting a passion project based on your interests
  • Analyzing and addressing needs in the community
  • How to get your passion project off the ground
  • How to grow a passion project: social media and outreach
Thu. January 19, 2023

Standardized Tests (SAT and ACT)

  • Explaining the role of standardized testing in college applications
  • The difference between the SAT and the ACT
  • How to choose between the two tests
  • How to sign up for the SAT and ACT
  • Study methods and resources
  • Goal scores and how many times you should take these tests
Thu. February 16, 2023

The Common App

  • What is the Common App and how do you access it?
  • Personal Statement
  • Activity List
  • Honors/Awards
  • Self reporting → test scores and grades
  • Additional school supplemental applications
Thu. March 16, 2023

Writing Workshop - Personal Statement and Supplements

  • Mini Application Booster Camp presentation
  • Explaining how to pick a story- what does it add to your application?
  • Essays that worked examples
  • Common supplement questions and how to respond
Thu. April 20, 2023

Fee Waivers: The FAFSA the Furious OR Questbridge

  • How to make college affordable
  • Colleges scholarships and financial aid packages
  • The Questbridge option
  • Standardized test fees and application waivers
  • Resources for finding outside scholarships: Fastweb, local organizations, finding scholarships for your passions, interests, and talents
Thu. May 18, 2023

How Far We’ve Come: Activities, Leadership, and Passion Project Check in

  • [Mostly Q&A based session]
  • Talking through student involvement in their various activities
  • Checking in on any passion project progress
  • Reiterating how to grow a passion project through social media and partnerships
Thu. June 29, 2023

Creating a College List and the Application Timeline

  • How to pick between colleges
  • College research and visits
  • Starting with the summer before junior year, how to craft a general timeline for college applications

▪  Getting involved in meaningful activities

›  Starting a passion project

▪  Completing your standardized testing

▪  Creating a college list

▪  Building relationships with teachers

›  Letters of recommendation

▪  Personal Statement and Common App

▪  Supplements