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How to Apply to College

We know that approaching the college application process may seem daunting. Under the guidance of our senior counselors, all of whom are Ivy League and top tier universities graduates, we work diligently with students to help them succeed in all aspects of the college application process, from writing personal statements to asking for letters of recommendation. Check out our guide and resources to approaching each step of the college application process below!

College Application Timeline

Wherever you are in your high school journey, we commend you for making it this far. By following these steps, you’ll be set to tackle your college applications efficiently and effectively. Our complete and essential guide to the College Application covers each step from junior spring through senior fall to help you optimize your time and earn admission to your dream school!

What is rolling admission?

It’s college application season already, and even if you don’t plan on submitting your applications until their due dates at 11:59 pm, you…

How to Transfer into Your Dream School

So college isn’t what you dreamed it would be. You like some parts of it – like your quirky calc professor and…

Common App 101: Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation, requires you to put trust in a teacher or advisor to advocate for you and help you get into your top choice…

Is Early Decision Right For Me?

Applying to colleges under their Early Decision program (ED) can be both alluring and scary for prospective applicants.

5 Things To Do Before You Press “Send”

It’s the eve of your early application deadline, and you’re starting to panic (okay, let’s be honest–you’ve been panicking since August).

How do I write a letter of continued interest?

So you’ve been deferred or waitlisted from a school you had your heart set on. Take heart! There’s still…

Can I back out of Early Decision?

Hooray! You’ve been accepted into college! You applied a month and a half ago, and now you’re being forced to go to the school you were…

Help! Early Decision results are almost here and I’m freaking out

Once the “submit” button has been pressed, we also spend quite a bit of time coaching students through the…

What to Do if I’m Deferred?

The majority of applicants fall into the first two categories: accepted and denied. However, for some, the answer isn’t so straightforward. 

How to Handle College Rejections

Even the most qualified candidates might open their inbox to find an “I regret to inform you…” email. Those…

Am I better off applying for a more obscure major?

If you talk to most students about applying to colleges, you’ll likely get similar responses regarding their chosen major: Economics,…

What should I expect from a college admissions interview?

The only real information they have on you is a big folder of documents — your personal statement and any…

A Quick Guide to Merit Scholarships

Been a standout student in high school? You might be a great candidate for a merit scholarship!

Early Decision and Early Action

What admission? Early Decision, Early Decision II, Early Action and Restrictive Early Action.

Should I Consider Greek Life in My College Search?

Considering the pros and cons of Greek Life; is joining a sorority or fraternity right for you and your goals?

Before You Submit: Your Guide to December College Application Submissions

The top things to double-check before you submit your app!

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