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Command College Essay Review®

Do you need college essay help? With 96% of our students getting into their dream schools, we know how to help students write college applications essays that work. When college applications are due, you’ll want to know that you’re submitting the best college essay you can, and our college admissions consultants can help.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: You email us your essay (if you have more than one essay, please see FAQ below).
  • Step 2: Our founder, Christopher Rim, will personally review the essay and assign one of our senior counselors (all recent graduates of Ivy League or top ten schools) to help you based on your essay topic.
  • Step 3: Within 72 hours your counselor will provide you with suggested edits, rephrases of awkward sentences, and general advice about tone, topic, and structure.
  • Step 4: You have seven days to revise your essay based on our edits. Within 24 hours of your revision, your editor will send you the final, fully edited college application essay.

Frequently asked questions

Why use a college essay review service?

Let’s start with the data: 96% of our students get into one of their top three dream schools, 100% feel their mentors have helped them feel pride in their accomplishments, 100% report that their writing skills improved by working with a mentor. Writing the personal statement is one of the most time-consuming and high-pressure tasks most high school students have ever been through. It’s important for students to see that all of their hard work pays off, but most can’t do it alone. Every year, intelligent, high-achieving students fail to earn a place at top universities because their essays don’t demonstrate maturity, likeability, or advanced writing skills. Our mentors offer not only a second set of eyes to catch stylistic and structural errors, but also ensure that admissions officer’s can clearly see a student’s voice and personality in the essay.

Who does Command’s College Essay Editing?

The systems in place to help students—school counselors, English teachers, parents and family friends—are so far removed from the college admissions process that they often offer outdated, albeit well-meaning, advice. Command Education’s College Essay Review service ensures that students write essays college admissions officers want to read. All of our mentors are recent graduates from top tier schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Williams. Having recently gone through the admissions process themselves, our mentors know both what colleges are looking for as well as the classic warning signs of a bad college essay. Our goal is not to help students meet college’s expectations, but to exceed them and amaze admissions officers with their well-developed writing skills.

Is College Essay Review Online as good as in person?

The short answer is yes—if not better. Command Education’s online essay review service is a great way for seniors to get immediate, high-quality feedback on their essays. We do all of our editing on a shared platform, so students can see our comments and suggestions step by step. While in-person meetings are also effective, they also take up more of the student’s valuable time that could be spent writing and revising their college essay.
If you are looking to work on your college essays with one of our trained mentors in person, please feel free to look into our 2020 College Application Booster™.

How does the college essay review process work?

The first step is emailing us a rough draft of your essay. It doesn’t matter where you are in the writing process—you can send us anything from an outline or journal entry to a fully fleshed out essay. One of our college experts will personally review your essay. We’ll improve the overall structure, suggest clarifying edits, rephrase awkward sentences, and help you find your voice, all within 72 hours. Additionally, we’ll provide students with access to several impactful sample essays. If you have any questions after that, you have 7 days to revise your essay based on our edits and follow up on any of the suggestions. Once we have received your revisions, we will review your essay once again and send you a final, polished college application essay within 24 hours. If your essay is already perfect, we’ll refund you the money and let you know. However, we find that the most successful students welcome the constructive criticism which we are more than happy to offer!

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Students seek our advice to understand the best way to tackle the college application process, learn more about scholarship and award opportunities, and plan the best course to pursue their passions.

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Will you write my college application essay?
No. Command Education values academic integrity, as do the colleges you are applying to. We provide edits, guidance, and consultation services.
Can you tell me what schools to apply to or give me college admissions advice?
For general admissions guidance, please inquire about our hourly and yearly mentoring options. Admissions guidance is not included in our essay editing services.
What if I have more than one essay?

You don’t have to fill out the form multiple times — for help with more than one piece of writing for your college applications, please email us at [email protected] or call (800) 887-0393 to inquire about discounts for multiple essays.

Do you help with the UCAS essay or other main essays for schools that don’t use the Common App?

Yes, we do. For the UCAS essay, please select “Long supplemental essay.” For essays for schools like MIT, Babson, and Rutgers, please either select the appropriate supplement essay option or email us at [email protected] or call (800) 887-0393 to get clarification.