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Summers afford students the invaluable free time they often lack between class, sports and clubs throughout the school year. Among the important components of the high school experience and, therefore, the college application, is how students choose to spend their summers. Ideally, students spend this time accumulating valuable skills and experiences. Summer pursuits can demonstrate that students took initiative to find enriching experiences, and thus ultimately help them to stand out amongst their peers in the college application process.

The first step to finding a meaningful summer opportunity is exploring and identifying one’s passions. Our mentors devote time to learning about students’ past experiences and interests and work with their students to find a series of programs, projects, and internships that best suit students’ particular curiosities.

Among the most popular ways for students to spend their summer are pre-college programs and camps, but, in reality, the possibilities are far broader. We encourage students to take advantage of internships and research opportunities that they might otherwise consider only accessible to college students.

Though it is less common for high school students to pursue these sorts of summer opportunities, the proper preparation work will help students land the summer plan of their dreams. Mentors work to teach students foundational professional skills they will be using for the rest of their lives, from creating outstanding resumes and cover letters, to perfecting their interview skills, to networking their way into great opportunities. We provide valuable resources, templates, and guides for our students. Mentors teach students how to be their own best advocates, put themselves out there, and to go after what they want. Ultimately, our students develop skills that will last them through their high school, college and professional careers.

Past students have completed research with professors from top research institutions, including Ivy League schools. They’ve interned for Congressmen on Capitol Hill, received acceptances to intern at NASA, and attended prestigious summer programs such as LaunchX, Summer Science Program and others at schools such as Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Our students spend their summers in amazing ways, and go on to attend the schools of their dreams. We can help your student take that first step.

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