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Hourly One-on-One Mentoring

Work with a counselor on anything on an hourly basis. During private one-on-one sessions, students can receive guidance on any aspect of the college application process, from essay revision to interview prep.

Work with a counselor on an hourly basis. During private sessions, seniors can receive guidance on any aspect of the college application process, from essay revision to interview prep. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can benefit from individualized advice on how to delve deeper into their passions through kickstarting a non-profit or organization. We stand by students every step of the way as they navigate high school, as they prepare to set out on the path toward college, or throughout the college transfer process. We encourage and assist students with scholarships and academic competitions. With an hourly-package, students and mentors work together to determine the most efficient way to use their time together, whether that’s brainstorming college essays, applying for prestigious internships, or constructing a roadmap for their passion project.

Here are just a few of the different reasons students have worked with us on a limited hourly basis

Waitlist & deferral services

  • Work with our trained counselors to conduct a detailed post-mortem of your original application
  • Strategize ways to counter any gaps and bolster weak spots with the perfect letter of continued interest
  • Brainstorm concrete, creative action items to get the attention of admissions officers

General high school and college counseling

All of the services available in our Premier Roadmap Package® and Premier Senior Package® are available on an hourly basis for students who are looking for assistance for a more limited number of hours or months.

College essay help

Many students looking for editing for only one or two essays use our College Essay Reviewservice. However, students that are looking for direct communication with a counselor, especially students who are at the brainstorming and writing stage of the process, not the editing stage, often opt for hourly packages.

Rush extracurricular counseling

Many students hoping to give their applications a last-minute ‘edge’ will opt for our Internship / Research Opportunity Search services, but we also offer help crafting a standout extracurricular plan on an hourly basis.

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Why Should I Hire a College Consultant

The college admissions landscape is complicated and has changed a lot over the past several years. Read our 6 reasons to hire a private college counselor/ college consultant.