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SAT tutoring

With Command Education
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SAT Tutoring

Begins January 30, 2023 | 10 week online program

You will meet with our knowledgeable tutors 2 times per week online, over the course of 10 weeks. Although standardized test scores aren’t everything, they are a big piece of any college application. Scores demonstrate overall academic ability, and high scores give applications a competitive advantage.

Requirements and Expectations for Participation in Command Education Tutoring Program

    1. Students must attend each session
      In order for our program to be most effective, students should attend all sessions. Students who are not able to attend each session should not participate in the program.
    2. Students should complete their homework assignments in between sessions
      Studying is most effective when it is done on a regular basis, so we will assign homework as part of students’ preparation. Students will be assigned about 1 hour of homework after each session. Homework should be completed in between sessions. During the lecture portion of the program (the first six weeks), solutions to homework assignments will be distributed to students, and students will be responsible for checking their own homework. Homework will not be reviewed during the tutoring sessions, but students can bring any questions about homework assignments to the next office hours session. During the test review portion of the program (the last four weeks), homework will be reviewed during the tutoring sessions.
    3. Students must have their cameras on during sessions
      In order for the student’s tutor to gauge understanding and teach effectively, we require that students keep their cameras on. Students will join the call with their cameras on and their microphones muted.
    4. Students must actively pay attention and participate in sessions
      As part of the learning experience, students should be inquisitive learners who ask questions and answer example problems.

Instructions for the SAT diagnostic test:

Please take and score your diagnostic test before the start of the program on Monday, January 30, 2023.


    1. Please print the entire exam and answer sheet. The exam can be found here, and the answer sheet can be found here.
    2. A calculator is permitted in Section 4 ONLY. Please check to see if your calculator is permitted on the SAT here.
    3. Please follow the time given on top of each section.
    4. You are allowed one 10-minute break after Section 1 and one 5-minute break after Section 3.
    5. Please complete the test in one sitting with no distractions. We suggest placing your phone on do not disturb mode and using the restroom before beginning this diagnostic test.
    6. After completing the full exam, please score your diagnostic test. The scoring guide can be found here.

Tutoring session days and times

5-6:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays

Office hours days and times

5-6pm on Friday, February 10

5-6pm on Friday, February 24

5-6pm on Friday, March 10

5-6pm on Friday, March 24

5-6pm on Friday, April 7

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All applications and diagnostics tests are due by before the start of the program on Monday, January 30, 2023.

Note: By participating in the program, you are agreeing to attend every session. Students who miss more than one session will be removed from the program.