Command Kids

Launching in January 2019, Command Kids is our new offering for children in grades 3-4. The program takes place in our Midtown Manhattan office and meets once per week during the spring semester of the academic year.

At Command Kids, your child will:

Hone creative writing and reading skills commonly missed in traditional classroom settings
Begin to develop his or her unique voice and style
Build a foundation for the advanced essay-writing skills required for applicants at top-tier universities
Create a portfolio of original works that can be submitted to national children’s publications and contests
Receive guidance and hands-on instruction from recent graduates from top 10 universities who specialized in literature and writing

Why Command Kids?

Teaching students how to be effective communicators and interesting writers is a challenging, time-intensive task. By the time students are told to write high-stakes personal essays that might be the determining factor in gaining admission to the university of their choice, many have not yet reached their potential as writers. At this point, most students’ natural creativity has been stifled and they struggle to communicate naturally, instead relying on highly standardized models such as the 5-paragraph AP essay.

In contrast to the essays students are often expected to write in school, the college essay is an intensely personal, somewhat casual form that must be approached in a different way. Command Kids introduces this type of writing early on, before students have gotten too used to the typical high school academic essay. At the conclusion of the program, students will emerge as more confident and practiced writers, experienced already in listening to and cultivating their own unique voices.

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